Just Walk In at Amazon Go and Shop Without Waiting In Checkout Queue

Amazon unveiled Amazon Go on 5th December 2016, Amazon Go is a Grocery Store that is not just as an ordinary store but a walking store where you can walk in get your stuff and go home feel free to act like shop lifter now.

Amazon Go has only one store yet in Seattle and is small place as compared to malls we go every day. Store contains Milk, Bread, fresh meals, cheese and snacks. What you need is to have Amazon Go app installed on your phone and you will be allowed to enter store grab item you need and leave store. Right now this Amazon Go is under trial and is used by Amazon employees in beta version, while it will be open for consumers in 2017 initially.

But right now Amazon is not sharing the full details about their “Just for walk Out Shopping” experience for people who are already curious about it, they have yet just shared that how our system will work they instead shared what is used in it, computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning methods to make this whole project implemented physically.

Well Sensors are used throughout the store to know product is taken or not using RFID’s and Costumer trends is predicted by Artificial Intelligence, even in big crowds and can identify blocked labels. If you feel you don’t need product place it back and it will be removed from your cart too, as u leave your total bill will be generated and you can walk home easily instead of waiting in queues.

Retail tech specialists and computer vision experts believe and agree on that Amazon’s advertised system that it is really impressing if you look at the state of artificial intelligence, RFID, sensor and machine learning technologies today. Amazon had put all of those things together and used them in great way

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