Okay, so this is what how it looks like It’s really pretty I love the design of it and This is neat inside Also, really cute, so I’m going to show you guys the colors I don’t think it’s kind of like come on how I wanted to but Okay, so as I swatch it I will be telling you the name of the shade as well, and All of the names of the shade are inspired by African culture, so I’m really sorry if I messed them up I Am not go with pronunciation I can’t even prouds words in English right, so Okay, so the way I’m going to swatch this is I’m going to swatch This this is like the row row by Row, so Let me get into that So I’m going to be starting [with] the shade Just a Koto So as you can tell that is hella pigmented so yeah pretty good so hard See I literally like swap sound like on the wrong paragon my arm like I can’t show you one less I like [your] some sure but anyway so like I’m saying [they’re] so pigmented like I personally Have never had eyeshadow palette this thing into it so On pigmentation they got like an A-Plus-Plus [so] okay So since I have just watched all the shades [showing] you guys all about I am gonna be doing [that] I look with it Just me personally I like you my eyes first my makeup So I’m doing that first because I feel like if I do my face first when I do my eyes I tend to rust my hand on my face, so What else lunch and it just wouldn’t be [cute] really mean so anyway I’ve been honor of this cute red top and this gold [showground] of [yes] [things] [held] [it] as well, but it’s gold Just to the side bill if you didn’t know I’m like obsessed with gold like anything gold I’m about it Anyway, since I am wearing this red top this whole necklace [I] thought I would do a red gold kind of I love you know just to make it all Kind of cute, and then just a little side note I’m like obsessed with shirts I just want to show you guys so it’s just like very simple like red And then it’s cropped, and it has this little band at the bottom the sleeves are kinda like So anyway now on to the [eye] look I’m going to pin back my hair, and then we’ll get started And also just a little like a note I’ve noticed I’m like going back and forth like looking at the lens And I’m looking on myself like in the reflection So I’m really sorry about that I know I should look at the lens but I’m still learning okay I’m like I’m still kind of figuring out all this, so it might take me a little to make sure you get the lens, so Just bear with me My hairs all pin the back and just a side now just for my crease [I’m] going to be using the elf mad from Matte Palette And I really recommend this college for everyone Just because it is so versatile It’s just Simple matte Shades, and I feel like if you’re in the situation that I’m in where like you’re using one palette But it doesn’t have a shade that you want this palette will probably have just like a nice simple shade you can use So I Would work on this okay? so I’ve never felt and I love At this like level before so I can try to do this because I feel like you can see it better And it would help more So I’m going to be using The matte Format, Palette and I’ll probably be using like this round mix with this for my crease Okay, so now that’s all blended out We’re gonna get into the lid so for the lid I think I’m going to be using These two shimmery tones this one is called [oh] Da P and the other one is pororo Like I sounded really sorry to muscles up I probably did Okay, so this is what I have so far It’s to be honest I don’t know where I want to go with this love because I [think] I’m just gonna use my crease diffuser and kind of credible and them into each other This is what I came up with I’m not sure how much I liked it I think I definitely might add a little more [ride] to it You know what yeah? I’m gonna I’m gonna add a little bit more of the red shape So when I tell you guys I’m bad at eyes what I mean is I never go in with a plan for my eyes I Kind of just do whatever in the moment You know So this [what] we have I’m going to blend it out and see where that takes us Okay, so this is what we have And to be honest I kind of like it I Really like the way it looks [I] think it’s cute It’s subtle so yeah That’s the lid for my lower Lash line I’m going to go in with the same shade [over] [oh] Because I feel like having spread down there You really cute [I] don’t know what you would call this yet I don’t know if it’s like a rat or [a] maroon but I’m just calling it red Sort of looks like I Think it looks really cute I’m all about like not Crazy colors, but just not natural looking colors for the lower lash line for my inner eye highlight I’m going to be going in with the shade Came on And so this is the finished eyelook I Really like it There’s really not much else to say I just think it looks cute I’m done with this [I] [also] do the same to this eye I’m also adding face makeup and doing the rest of my face, and then [I] will be back to show you guys the completed look Okay guys I’m back and this is the completed look Okay, guys not to like overly juice myself up or anything but I think I look so cute like I Really was like looking at the eyes after I did the other one they clean them up And I feel like it is such a summer sunset kind of look you know what I mean, so I’m really proud of myself, and I think I look gorgeous [I] was still conceited but Yeah, so [though] since I am like literally a broke bitch like I’m literally a beauty youtuber on a budget [you], so I’m going to show you my glow, but I don’t have like the proper lighting, so I’m literally use my iphone camera I mean iphone [flashlights], so I hope you guys can see how so So yeah, this is the computer look I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video and let me know if you guys like the way I filmed when I was doing my eyes that are like in this video where [bazoom] damn or if you liked it before, right? we’ll just stay here and then like You know do it and show you afterwards So I’m gonna show you guys prefer So yeah, like I said I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and please like this video Is it called stop it yeah thumbs up this video Sorry I like don’t want any of the link [go] and subscribe comments Leave me hate mails Whatever you want to just please like subscribe and leave me a comment on this video let me know you thought this look and I will call my social medias below in case you want to follow [my] any of those And I will also in the description box be putting all the products I used and obviously some discount combs so yeah, I hope you enjoyed this video and See you in the next videoSource: YoutubeSHARE

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