Kayaking on Shingle Creek

I just found these pics from the last time my son and I kayaked Shingle Creek. I remember how he really didn’t want to go, although he never said anything. He knows I enjoy our time together and came along just for me. I also remember how hard he struggled and how his persistence led him to victory. After rewinding this experience, I was reminded again just how fortunate I was to have such a great kid.

I knew as soon as his paddle hit the water, he just wasn’t into it. Although he insisted everything was all good, he was betrayed by his disposition. But I did what any good father would do and pretended I didn’t notice. I wanted to see just what I could get out of him before he had a straight up meltdown, so I paddled on.

As we increased our distance he had to dig deeper and deeper.

The water level was up along with the current because of a recent rain making it even more difficult. There were a few bends where the current picked up  that really wore him out, but he kept on going.

When he made it to the end of the trail, he celebrated his victory. I was proud to have witnessed such an epic battle and in that moment I was reminded of something my pastor said, “Love is more than a feeling, love is commitment and requires determination.” Every time I look at the photo and see his paddle raised in triumph I feel a sense of what it took for him to persevere.

When I see this picture I see a son’s love for his father.

Aly Chiman

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