Let Google Apps Give Your Real Estate Business a Boost

Customers will be happy to know that they will be given enhanced email capabilities as part of the online real estate website’s efforts to improve the business services of their clients.

Existing customers are being invited to upgrade their business email via Gmail to Google Apps. It’s no industry secret that Google offers the best in industry security, trust, 50x more email storage than the industry average, proven cost savings and a 99.9% up-time reliability guarantee ” allowing you to boost productivity and efficiency in this highly competitive real estate industry.

For both new and experienced realtors, Google Apps adds a whole new dimension to your business solutions. It is a collection of incredibly powerful tools guaranteed to add zest to your efforts and enhance all marketing activities associated with your real estate website.Why use Google Apps?From a real estate agent’s perspective, Google Apps is the ideal tool to empower your organizational skills.

Use the calendar feature to schedule open houses with your real estate clients. This handy app allows you to coordinate meetings with prospective buyers while giving you the option the keep anyone you choose in the loop.

Google Docs is the perfect app that lets you securely share confidential buyer and seller contracts ” without the cumbersome process of having to send them back and forth each time an edit is made.

Google Maps speaks for itself ” find your bearings when it matters most, plan your listing showing route or map your sold and active properties on your real estate website.

And with Gmail Chat, conveniently communicate with your associates or clients through instant chat messages right in your Gmail window while referring to other pertinent info in your Google Calendar or Google Docs windows.Your Complete Mobile SuiteWhether you’re on a client call, on the road or using your home computer, you can access Google Apps in your web browser from any location. What’s more, with Google Apps, you will never lose data again. All your work is hosted and safely backed up on Google’s secure servers instead of on your computer, not even a hardware crash can obliterate all your valuable client records.Experience Google Apps TodayAs you’ve come to expect from a personalized service, Agent Image will continue to support email questions by phone, providing you with one-on-one assistance for your convenience. Already in the pipeline are tutorials for Agent Image customers on how to apply Google Apps to their day to day real estate business ” while still using your own domain name to send and receive emails. Needless to say, trained Agent Image web consultants will be at your disposal to walk you through the process to ensure a seamless upgrade to your new Google Apps account in under 24 hours.

All these features are bundled with the power and convenience of Gmail’s 7 GB of storage for your email per user and up to 50 users ” roughly 14x the storage and 5x the amount of users previously offered. This is particularly handy when storing all those high-res property images that can take up a lot of disk space. Enjoy innovative features and an intuitive interface that will help you work more efficiently, including email labels, email conversations, and Google-powered search.

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