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July 13, 2016551 Views
Let’s meet Startup, Looxie:
Website: looxie.co
In a few sentences, tell us what your start-up is all about!
“Looxie is a location-based, photo request app / service.
Essentially what it does is let you place a pin on the map at the area you’re interested in getting a real-time photo of and users of the app in that area will receive your request (with optional description) and can then proceed to send back photos!
Want to know what’s happening right now at Times Square? Stonehenge? As long as another Looxie user is there, you can find out!”
Who are your competitors? And what is your start-up’s competitive advantage over them?
There are no competitors that we know of and, believe me, we’ve searched the web many, many times. I came across a similar service called Lynxus but it’s focused on video, which I consider a mistake, since bandwidth for video transmission, especially using cellular service can get really expensive for the streamer.

Let us know a bit about your team, who are the key team members and what is their role?
“Antonis Tsagaris (me): Dentist with a specialty in Oral Surgery, musician (get my albums here for free: electricsoundcontinuum.bandcamp.com) and Android app developer. Don’t really sleep at all.
Stephanos Iacovides: Web frontend developer and physicist
Christos Tsangaris: backend developer & iOS app developer
Tefkros Iacovides: hardware guy and futurist
Andreas Efthymiou: PR & Marketing”
Do you have any customer feedback on your product and/or service that you could share?
“Looxie gets lots of praise for its looks!
We have also already been featured in PhoneArena’s and AndroidWorld’s Best Android Apps of the Week roundups!”
Finally, do you have any other comments or information about your product that you would like to add?
“We think it’s great. Like, really great! Like, XTC (the band) great! OK, maybe not that great!
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