Man Playing Cliff Game on VR Trips and fall on hard floor

VR Gaming and experience is very well received by audience in world, the Virtual Experience has really made impact in market has a lot of users, people are getting used to this new thing in technology a gadget that makes them so involved in virtual world that they tend to think its real world.

There are many incidents and reports about it surfacing on internet, knowing fact that people get involved in visions with such intensity that they forget and don’t see what is around them or where they are standing in real world, such conditions make people have more chances to get involved in accidents where they may fall or trip resulting into injury or pain.

It feels like we will have a collection of videos and stories related to VR’s related hilarious accidents in future. Recently there is a video surfacing on Facebook about a VR accident. George Takei is Star Trek cast member his account is known for sharing things on Facebook the VR accident was shared by same account it shows a man playing game using Oculus Headset while attempting to climb on cliff  he falls off from it in virtual world while in real world he falls on hard floor. The fall on real world may seem a minor one but shows a great possibility of getting injured if VR is not used on safe surroundings.

The most hilarious part of video is that there are 2 men probably Microsoft employees standing watching him as he trips and fall off from counter and disappearing. This whole thing shows that there is need to make these headsets safe for its users a immense fall could been a bad thing other than this case where he just fell and hurt nothing but his pride.

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