Manuscripts and stone inscription of Assam

Though Manuscripts and inscriptions from any era, any history always captivate me, but I am laying the first stone on Scriptures from North-Eastern Province of India a state called Assam. There are two reasons for that -My first reason is to highlight Assam’s History, the one in question of it’s wellspring been very much untold. My second reason is I am inhabitant of Assam, though I am not living there for past couple of years. AdvertisementsShare this:Like this:LikeLoading…RelatedFebruary 5, 2016February 5, 2016keyaduttaAssam, History, India, inscriptions, manuscripts, TravelPost navigationPreviousPrevious post:Spiritual Sex and Swadhisthana ChakraNextNext post:Natraj MeditationCreate a free website or blog at bloggers like this:

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