Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Coming up with an effective marketing plan and implementing it doesn’t have to be an expensive process for your real estate business. If you are a rookie with more time than money to spend on growing your business, knowing what to prioritize is the key to successful marketing. If looking to eventually own your own real estate business one day is your main objective, you must never underestimate the power of a well-thought out marketing plan.

As you learn the ropes, a clearer picture of what works and doesn’t work slowly develops. Once you have a well-rounded understanding of the business, outline your goals in a simple marketing plan and stick to it. Take advantage of the Internet, know what potential clients are looking for and devise a plan to drive traffic to the property listings on your real estate website. Here are some marketing tips that don’t involve a lot of money that you can implement today:Social Networking ” Never underestimate the power of networking., ,  Social media such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube is a powerful yet low-cost way to tap into thousands of people in your network. This is a highly cost-efficient way of connecting with people who are in the market, and their friends who are just a status update away.Maintain Your Website ” Make sure that people can find the information they need on your agent website. Post good quality photos of your property listings and add captivating, relevant content that will help convert your site visitors into clients.Keep up with the Times ” be open to change and reinvent yourself whenever possible. While you have no control over market conditions, you can obviously fine tune your realtor website to adapt to the circumstances by redesigning and updating it. Showcase a specific niche that you specialize in and center your website and internet marketing strategy around that.Be Original ” Not having a memorable brand name is a surefire way to blend right in and disappear in a saturated market. Stand out from the clutter of,  mundane website designs and go for a more dynamic look. Come up with a professional sounding domain name that identifies you and is easy to remember. All these elements put together will ultimately define your real estate brand and establish you as a serious player in the industry.Go Viral ” Internet marketing has become one of the most cost effective ways to spread information and services quickly and effectively. Aside from social networking, use email and real estate videos to help steer your business in the right direction. Drip marketing, when implemented correctly, can convert more leads and yield positive results. Targeting a nichemarket with a series of well thought out email messages has been proven to win over the trust of home buyers and sellers over time.

Aly Chiman

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