Media Raised Concerns about Social Media Fake News Article Issue

Fake News issue is getting high on social media sites, malicious articles are shared and are circulating in these social media engines. There are concerns from Media that there less actions taken and done to end or reduce this trend from social media platforms. This trend has penetrated society in such a way that facts are not considered to related circumstances which in results affects public opinion who rely more on their emotions and personal believes more than facts available in front of them such trend had created great damage to public and society thought process.

News Articles affect people vision and stance on certain issues, religion, people, ethnicity and color of skin are most heating debates on social media such debates often turn out to be fatal, fuel propaganda, hate and division in society, such articles with additional biasness are extremely dangerous for any society its enough to fuel chaotic scenes in that place.

In order to Verify news authenticity is not a big rocket science , just take these steps and you are there to point to make a judgment about article but thing is you need to take time be a responsible citizen make up your mind that you need to cross verify things instead of owning a stance to ignore all articles authentic or non authentic ones . The first step is that you need to verify what kind of story article is providing. A news story may contain writer views fresh developments, an opinion build built on developments all depending on writer’s feelings thoughts, beliefs the personality of writer represents his article and the way he combines reader’s thoughts and build opinion in them is important thing. If there are columns, opinions and images to support their view and stance then that’s no a news story that’s an opinion, columns and feature articles.

The next thing is to verify the source is it coming from press release, event announcement or interview sent / given to journalists. Then in such case there are links official statements or evidence that supports such articles and its authenticity there are many news agencies that allow others to publish their stories and articles and there is contribution of author in it so they must have been paid to publish stories so all you need to go is to find that what is actual source of published article before getting into authors ideas so that you can get an idea about other angles of story and happenings surrounding it.

There are many fake headlines that you see on Facebook and catches your attention when you open link there is a different content in it, such types of articles are used to bring visitors on site with ads on it so that they can get paid for number of visitors who had seen their ads.

Facebook terms such misleading headlines as Clickbait and Facebook is also working on this issue.

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