Microsoft launched its Linux SQL Server

Earlier this year Microsoft said that they love Linux which amazed many people ,They further announced its desire to release SQL Server for Linux, they claimed that this platform will provide a consistent data across Windows, Linux server, cloud and premises. Release of SQL Server for Linux represent its consistence and Windows NT kernel is running as guest app on this version.

Microsoft has used it Drawbridge application sandboxing technology and SQL server for Linux is running on top of its Windows Library OS (User mode Windows NT Kernel).

Microsoft could have ported SQL Server to run as a native Linux application. Instead, it has chosen to use its Drawbridge application sandboxing technology. Microsoft SQL server for Linux is in fact a Windows SQL Server executable program with small Windows 8 Kernel running as a normal Linux process.

Drawbridge references 8.4 MB library is available at this link


Binary file that actually a loader is available in this folder


This transfers components to a sandbox and performs integrity checks, whitelisting to make sure it is allowed to do so, and then runs the contained SQL Server executable. Virtual working has allowed access between two Operating Systems already Mac users already have Windows Boot Camp and can boot into Windows or use Virtual machine software for parallel OS on one system.

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