Mighty Battles ” Game And Cheats

Mighty battles is a free to play Android game, that is launched for iOS devices as well. There are some options in the game that can be taken by purchasing.How To Play?

In the Mighty Battles Android game, you need to take command and control over a small army consisting of team members and a military base, who need to fight against their enemy troops and destroy their base as well as trash their all markings on the earth placed on the opposite side of the map. In this Android game you will have to take the responsibility of an army’s captain who commands and controls over the troops as well as do strategic planning in order to destroy and trash your enemy with your own hands help shooting from heavy machine gun and tools. Your Enemies will attack your base and positions from their base and positions. You will only need to Shoot greatly and accurately and win points for your every killed opponent and enemy. In order to increase and Upgrade your army’s team members, you must Spend points. So that your army can attack your enemy base and positions.Mighty Battle Game features:There are 40 types of combat units.Powerful weapons and tools are added.Various upgrades can be made.

You can fight against other players as well.

Mighty Battles Android Game Cheat Codes:There is a list of letter secret codes of the mighty battle game:For hack coupon tickets ” enter gghDwi;For off reload ” enter 6yt7yR ;For money ” enter jh4bp6 ;For cash ” enter 3w88Zl ;For Footcamp crate ” enter 7yt5Bz ;For elite card units ” enter dl9yY2For old ingots ” enter kkrezX ;For battle coins ” enter 1a1rQG .

The cheats don’t require any software program to be installed and they are completely free. Just enter the cheats in the Mighty Battles game and enjoy.

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