Motorola MBP16 Digital Audio Monitor with LCD Display

With a Motorola MBP16 Digital Audio Baby Monitor, you can hear every sound of little ones. It is like a two way communication, which gives calm night and lullabies your infant for full peace of mind so that your little one is sleeping soundly. It has data encryption for security purposes and gives a usage distance of 300m range. It has a monitor, which works accordingly to the room temperature. There are five polyphonic lullabies and night light for soothing the baby. It has a highly sensitive microphone attached for hearing every sound you could imagine.

The rechargeable battery is attached to it. It is also provided along with a belt clip to stand for an extra flexibility. This item has a guarantee of one year only. It is based on 1.8 GHZ of DECT technology. It has back-lit display of LCD and has a night light on the baby unit. This monitor enables users to hear sound of the babies, very clearly as it has crystal clear sound and very sensitive microphone.

For people, who want to gain thorough knowledge about the product must read its user manual. It is big help and is available in French, Spanish and English languages. In order to gain more assistance, one can even call customer service or simply email them. All the information and contact details can be found inside the box.

You can now keep your ear tuned to the baby with this audio baby monitor that comes along with two units of LCD. The DECT technology allows you to attain complete peace of mind and allows you to listen to the baby over a very secure connection, which is free from eavesdroppers and interference from electronic devices. This LCD SCREEN enables you to easily view the unit features, monitoring of room temperature, sound level indicator and an alert in the form of low battery. If you interested in other Motorola baby monitor reviews please check our comparison table.

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