My Most Used and Loved Beauty Products of July 2019

Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm in Blooming Balm $4.99

I am so obsessed with these Almay Liquid Lip Balms holy cow! I am one of those people who cannot apply just one layer of chapstick…I am pretty sure it is actually physically impossible for me! I have to apply basically half the chapstick everytime I put it on haha I have no idea why. These lip glosses are so moisturizing that you really don’t need to apply chapstick underneath but since I am an obsessive chapstick wearer I am able to put on one layer of chapstick (maybe two or three ) and then this lip balm over the top and my lips stay hydrated for so long its amazing! Not to mention they smell like cotton candy goodness!Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rollerball Perfume $22

Viva la Juicy combines delicious wild berries with creamy vanilla and bright jasmine and is such a seriously flawless scent. I have even been burning my Viva La Juicy candle from Candles by Victoria a lot lately because I cannot get enough of it! The only downside to this perfume is that it generally doesn’t last more than a couple hours so I have to reapply it throughout the day but I don’t mind because it gives me an excuse to spray and smell it again haha. If you are looking for a new fruity/floral fragrance to try for the summer and have never tried Viva La Juicy, you have to go smell it! Mmmmmm I could smell it all day everyday <3 So yummy!DERMAdoctor KP Duty Body Scrub $44

I need to do a full blog review on this product I just haven’t gotten around to it (which is totally just an excuse!) I think I am just nervous that I won’t do the product justice because this KP Duty scrub and the lotion together actually have changed my life…I will leave that story for the full review though! I have used up three full tubs of this scrub, it takes me about a year to go through one, and two tubes of the lotion and man my skin is baby soft and has never felt better. KP Duty Body Scrub is the perfect scrub if you to achieve flawless skin all over your body or if you have Ketatosis Pilaris like I do and you want to get rid of it for good! The price tag intimidated me at first but trust me it is worth it. This write up is inspiring me to write that post haha! Hopefully I can get to it soon because this product deserves special attention!!!LUSH Lip Scrub in Popcorn $13

I was walking through a LUSH store last December when I stumbled upon this product and oh my gosh it is probably the best smelling thing I have ever put under my nose. I am completely in love with Kettle Corn, everytime I go to the fair or farmers market it is so hard for me to turn down the buttery, sweet, salty popcorn goodness! That is exactly what Popcorn smells and taste like to me minus the actual popcorn haha. LUSH’s Popcorn Lip Scrub smells like sugar, butter and salt all mixed together and it doesn’t have a strong “popcorn” smell which suprised me seeing that the name is Popcorn haha. Hopefully by this point I have convinced you how amazing Popcorn smells but in addition is is such a great lipscrub and tastes delicious. I definitely will be repurchasing this when I run out.Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream in Light/Medium $9.99

I have talked about this BB cream before and there isn’t much more to say about it other then the fact that it gives really great coverage and for me it is the perfect median between a tinted moisturizer and foundation. I find myself not wanting to wear heavy foundation during the summer so I generally stick to tinted moisturizer or BB cream. I recently receieved a new tinted moisturizer, which I am really enjoying but on days when I still want the lighter application but I want a fuller more lasting coverage I always reach for my Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream.China Glaze Capitol/Hunger Games in Fast Track $6.50

This is my favorite nail polish of all time and I have been really loving wearing it this month (even though it is not a typical “summer color”). Fast Track is a light tan beige shade with beautiful golden shimmer throughout. I guess it is kind of summery since it reminds me of shimmering desert sand and with this heat I feel like I am in the desert haha! If you haven’t tried this nail polish and you like neutral shades with a lttle shimmer I would 100% reccomend it.

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