Necessary Steps for Protecting your Smartphone

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With smartphones and tablets reigning in the tech industry, manufacturers have now loaded these devices with a ton of features. Almost all handheld devices are now storehouses of personal information. Various apps are actually used the hackers to steal such information. If you access your bank accounts with a mobile device, then you pave way for the hackers to get to know about your bank accounts, if you are not careful. If you want to know how to secure your smartphones or tablets, then you can find a few ideas here.
1.Secure your phone with a password

Do you think swiping can stop the hackers? No, there has to be a better protection for the phone that can block potential hackers from using it. Lock the code, and a good code should be used as a password. The number code used should not be simple to figure out. If you are going to use 1234 or 4321, this is most likely not going to stop bad guys, because they’re some of the most common combinations. Do not ever think that you would be facing the hassle of entering a password every time. This is just a basic protection you can give to your phones. Don’t deprive your phone of this, as it can be easy for the hackers to get a hold of your information.
2.Encrypt the phone

Only a password can add to the security of your phone, but you can get the phone more secured with another next step, called encryption of the phone. In iPhones, when a password is set, all the data gets encrypted automatically. For Android, you can make use of third-party apps to get the encryption done. This only takes a few minutes, but it can help tremendously.
3.Do not install every other app you come across
Your gadget can get infected with the apps you download if you are not careful about them. A few apps are even capable of hijacking the contacts of your phone, and may even infect the phones of your friends. You need to download the apps only from the trusted app stores. But, it should be noted that coming from the reputable stores does not make the apps reliable, and you need to choose the apps based on the reviews. With the Android devices, you should be very careful because you can access the third-party app stores too, unlike the Apple devices. You need to go to Settings-> Security and uncheck the option called “Unknown Sources,” to disable the option of downloading from unknown sources.
4.Use antivirus software

The antivirus software installed on your phone can be a great security guard for the device. It stops the phone from downloading apps that may contain malware. A good choice like Bitdefender Mobile Security is a sound investment because it’s easy to use, it takes care of everything and comes with several interesting additional functions. 
5.Make use of Remote Location Wiping

You need to make use of the apps that can help in tracking the location of the phone. You can use these apps to wipe all secured information off your phone even from a remote location. When you think that your phone is lost forever, do not hesitate to remove all information. The Apple phones can be wiped using Find My Phone, and the Android phones can use Android Device Manager. Ensure that you wipe the phone even before you donate or recycle your phone.
Always ensure that all the information of the phone is backed up. When you lose the phone, you will likely still need all the information stored within, though you should wipe it off from the phone after you lose it. Creating regular backups can be done manually and several good apps serve this purpose.
7.Keep the device to yourself
Ensure that your phone or tablet stays with yourself. It is not something you can share and any friend of you can also access secured information and cause a problem.

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