Network Marketing is a Legitimate Business Model

Network or multi-level marketing has garnered an unfair perception in the minds of the general public because of its confusion with so called “pyramid schemes.” While pyramid schemes are, indeed, scams and are illegal, network marketing and MLM compensation plans are completely legitimate and offer an excellent business opportunity for anyone willing to work hard.

The business model of a successful network marketing business is like any other in that it sells real products, forms real business relationships and develops real income streams. Here then is an overview of the three basic aspects of a successful network marketing business.Real Products for Real People

The range and variety of products offered by network marketing companies spans the entire breadth of consumer products. A customer can find everything from cleaning supplies and underwear to designer clothing to art work. Network marketing companies fulfill the real needs of people with real products. These products are used every day by millions of people and, like any other consumer product, must remain affordable and useful or their market will disappear.Real Business Relationships

Many network marketing businesses are started by selling and promoting products to a close circle of friends, neighbors and relatives. The truly successful ones, however, move far beyond this limited market by using the latest and greatest in traditional and online marketing techniques. The relationships formed by this process are mutually beneficial, long lasting and extremely profitable.Real Income Streams

A network marketing business relies on the same principles and metrics that determine success in other businesses. Simply put, the goal is to build a network of resellers who will contribute to both your financial goals and theirs. In reality, it is no different from hiring a salesperson except that, in the case of network marketing, the sales person also has a vested interest in the success of the business. Real, lasting income streams can be produced that benefit all of the parties involved.The Bottom Line

There will always be doubting Thomas’ who will never see the opportunity inherent in a network marketing business or in the fantastic financial gains that MLM compensation plans can produce. Still, opportunities do exist in the network marketing world for those entrepreneurs who are willing to take a chance on themselves and trust in their own ability to control their future. In short, the world of network marketing is as rewarding as you choose to make it.

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