New & Updated Farmville Cheats 2017

Farmville is one of the most famous games on Facebook. The constant requests on Facebook may seem a bit strange but the game is arguably on top ranks in top 10 Android Games of 2017. You may think that building the farm is very easy but taking care and harvesting the crops is a difficult task and these Farmville cheats will help you to play the game in a systematic way. The simple game interface can be exploited to have fun in the barn. Some people like to play the game by the rules and take it slow, here are some tips for the enthusiast who want to play the game on a different level.Gaining vast amounts of Farmcash from the get go

Farmcash is one of the most important things in the game. You can get a lot of farmcash with the help of It is a website that let you download the game to your local browser. You get 10 farmcash when you run the on the browser. The trick to getting farmcash is to uninstall and reinstall the game and get 10 farmcash every time. The system will not recognize the person and you can do this trick as many time as you want.

This is not the best way to hack the game but this neat trick will help you to get a lot of farmcash that can help you to play the game in a better way. This trick works on both Mozilla andChrome browsers. You will get a lot of benefit by spending the little time doing this.The gift that keeps on giving

Gifts items in the game contain a lot of rare games and upgrades. If you do have a lot of friends on Facebook or many do not play the game, then this trick will help you to get rare items from gifts in an easy way. Make more than one Facebook account and send gifts to your main account. This will help you to collect rare items every day.Sending friends more than one gift per day

Sending more than one gifts each day will help you to keep your Farmville friends happy and receive more gifts in return. Select the free gifts option in the Farmville game, then select a friend you want to send the gift. After that, open another tab and select another friend. Open as many tabs you want. After that select send all, and the game will send gifts to all friends.Speed racer farming

The speed racer farming is real in the game. You can easily make your character work faster and give you more productivity. You can trap a farmer in the hay bales. Just plant twelve hay bales around the character. Three on each side and then you can make them work there for as long as you want. They will not have anything to do and eventually start working.

These tips will help you to play one of the best games on Facebook. If you own an Android device, do check out best android games of 2017.

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