Nine Penn Spinning Reels Buying Tips

You are unsure what the best Penn Reels is for yourself. Then selecting one of many different models of Penn fishing reels can be a daunting task that requires a little bit of thinking and consideration about what you will be using the reel for exactly. Depend on where you fish and different kinds of fish, you have to choose different reels. 

Nine Penn Spinning Rells Buying Tips
1.Strong hand
When you fishing, you not avoid getting wet your hands. Therefore, the quality of hand will ensure that you can still solid control over the reel and no worry about it slipping out of your hands.
2. Ball Bearings
Regards for ball bearings, you need to consider two things. The first is the stopping speed of the reel and the second is the smoothness of the retrieve. The more ball bearings, the smoother the retrieve will be. There are typically two ball bearings in low end, three to four in mid-range reels and five in top-end reel. Check out the specs or ask the sales rep before buying.
3. Line Capacity
You need to check the line capacity of any reel with two key bits of information. First, the maximum lb. test the reel will hold, and then how many yards/meters of line can be put on the reel. You need a reel designed for the line weight you are going to use. You cannot put 20 lb. test line on a reel designed for 6 lb. test, which only give you headaches.
4. to Spin or Not to Spin?
Because people design different types of reels which are suitable with different purposes and produce different effects on the lures and bait that you use. If you are fishing large plugs and bait style lures, a bait casting (or level wind) reel is probably what you are looking for. These reels do not produce too much action in the lure, and allow very accurate casting control.
On the other hand, design of spinning reels is advantage to transfer action into the lure from the reel, and commonly with trolling, and casting spoons and spinner type lures.
5. Type and Size of Fish
This relates back to point #4. Fishing for blue fish in the surf is not the same as crappies at the pond. You will need a bigger, stronger reel for bigger, stronger fish, with some latitude given for those anglers who like to go with lightweight tackle for the challenge of it.
6. Fishing Environment
Saltwater reels are generally bigger and stronger than their fresh water cousins are, and they have to be more resistant to rust and corrosion because of the exposure to the salty water.
7. Size and weight of anglers
It primarily what we are talking about here is that the reel must suit with anglers. Because the size and weight of the spinning reel are quite important. Although Penn Spinning reels only differ in weight in general by a few ounces. Therefore, the first consideration is the size of the angler who will be using the reel.
8. Lefty/Righty
Nowadays there are some models that are actually left-handed versions, meaning the crank is on the right side of the reel, so that that fishing rod is held with the left hand, rather than the traditional left side crank.
9. It makes you look Style
Do not forget it! Choosing the reels not only good but also nice to show your characteristic.
I hope you will choose the best reels for yourself throughout the article.
I hope you will choose the best reels for youself throughout the article.


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