NOKIA D1C Android phone is about to be released Next year

There are Rumors of Nokia’s Smartphone Powered by Android is to be released and will hit market to compete its class rivals. Word is out that this phone has 16 Megapixel Camera, will have latest Android OS Nougat running on 3 GB Ram and has a big potential to rise above its competition Tabs in market.

Smartphone market had historically captured by two Giants Apple Inc. and Samsung. Android gadgets biggest producing company is Samsung. Before these two people knew only of Nokia for their durability and performance in phones. But these days Nokia is ready for release of this new Android Power Phones. There are rumors of Nokia’s new android phone Nokia D1C is going to be released in 2017. This phone class will compete the two giants main Smartphones IPhone 7 and Galaxy S7.

A post from KnowYourMobile .com shows that already there are positive reviews about Nokia C1 it comes with 2 GB Ram and 5 Inch Full HD Display. Then in such scenario a Tablet type Phone Nokia D1C will be better and having Updated features than predecessor C1 with better RAM, Camera and Performance with Apps use. Moreover, D1C looks similar to C1 and has got its feel.

According to Nokia’s Clients and its People this phone is expected to launch in 2017 or even earlier than that but one thing about its price is yet is not disclosed because it is what that matters to mark its success against competition. For further details on specifications visit this link GeekBench.

Aly Chiman

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