Oculus Touch VR Is In Market Now

Gamers are well aware of Oculus Rift and other Controllers that are already available in market. Well there is something new coming out from Oculus that is related to controllers though there are many solutions available in market but they believe that their solutions is beyond all those solutions that are available in market.

What is that Solution? that is question that everyone reading it will ask. Oculus just rolled out their Oculus Touch, looks weird to many well lets explain how it works? Touch (controller) tracks our hands movements in 3D Space we live in. All you need to do is set up both cameras first setup second Camera and connect it with USB cable, this cam is included in box, in this way you get both cams on each side of your Visual source you are using. Move your hands, move controllers you are ready to use it. Buttons and thumbsticks are capacitive and tracks your fingers presence on certain buttons is it there or not, these motions translate your hand poses and requires all 3 fingers to be moved together.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need to grip touch to stay at same point, it remains balanced on your fingers and palms and gives quite natural feeling even if you spread your hand to relax it will still stay on just squeeze back and get grip back on controller, there are two controllers and one needs you Index Finger for activation while other needs your all 3 other fingers to create movement.

Setting up the Touch was painless. If you already have an Oculus installed, you just plug in the second camera, and the software immediately recognizes it and asks if you’re installing Touch, then walks you through everything. This also includes setting up a “play area” in your space for room-scale applications that let you walk around in a limited area. Once you’ve set this up, the Oculus “Guardian” system will be in play, and can display either a line on the “floor” demarcating the safe zone, or a Vive-like blue grid that appears when you get too close.

It is easy to Setup Touch, if Oculus is Installed already then just plug in that second cam and it will recognize that and just walk through steps, you can setup play area there. Each Controller requires AA battery. As a whole package its something new better and really has that next big thing factor.

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