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Things to Consider when Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Sunset, sands, and salty kisses. Nothing beats a wedding by the beach. Greenery, blossoming flowers, and colorful butterflies. Nature filled garden wedding. Lily pads, swans, and vintage walkways. A romantic “I do’s” in the parks. Although church weddings is a tradition, getting married on an outdoor location is simply mesmerizing.

Since you’ll be having your ceremony on open spaces, there are many things that can go wrong with it. But with enough preparation, you can have a seamless outdoor wedding. Here are some guidelines you can follow.Maximize the Outdoor Spaces

The benefit of getting married in an open location is that you got plenty of places to work with. Since you’ll just practically walk from ceremony to the reception, why not incorporate a creative runway that will guide your visitors. Take advantage of that space and make a huge dance floor.Utilize Large Decorative Pieces

Service Path Markers, Cocoa Chiavari Charis, Glass Barrel Vase, and many more are just some of the few items that can truly make your outdoor wedding standout. There’s no ceiling to stop your large centerpiece or sparklers on your 5 tier wedding cake. You can add long chairs, hang lanterns, or set up an amazing fireworks display. You don’t have to worry about the rules and regulation of indoor venues. After dancing, your guests can relax in a couch or just chill out in a mini bar.Concentrate on Details

The difficult thing you might encounter when getting married in an outdoor setting is if the place is too big yet the surrounding is close to being dull. It would need an extra effort for you to turn it into an eye catching outdoor wedding venue. Showering your venue with flowers can be very expensive, therefore, you must think of another styling concept such as Ring Cushion and Custom Welcome Showcase.Choose for Comfort

Heat of the sun or the intense humid during winter will be your great enemy in any outdoor wedding. So, the best way is to pick a date where the weather is just fine. You and your guests should feel comfortable from the beginning until the end of your wedding. Place a hand fan on each chair since there wouldn’t be air conditioning. An available bottled water and tissue can be a nice gesture to offer to your guests.Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Weather is unpredictable as well as Mother Nature. Although we thought we are prepared for everything, there are still shenanigans that we didn’t imagine would happen. When getting married outdoors, be sure to have a readily available umbrella or any form of shade that would protect your guests, your decorations, and your food. Check the source of electricity and have an extra extension cord if necessary. You can use scented candles that prevents insects from invading your venue.

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