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+8Total Score2 reviewsThe Vision Is A Talon TG On Steriods!

Paasche’s Vision is a very unique airbrush capable of amazing detail as well as coverage. The action is smooth and precise with no play! 8.5Editor’s scoreAirbrush Rating

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I have had the pleasure of using the Paasche Vision for several weeks now on various different projects. I am really impressed with this airbrush. The vision performs like much more expensive airbrushes that I am familiar with. The most important aspect of the Paasche Vision airbrush is it’s at head air control valve. It is a much more effective and logical way of controlling air pressure. You can go from a higher extremely atomized paint flow to a low stippling type setting in seconds without having to adjust your main regulator.The vision should be appealing to any custom automotive or motorcycle artist. It features a huge paint reservoir which is imperative when painting large areas such as vehicles and motorcycles. The Paasche Vision will also accept solvent based paints. It works great with both Urethane based paints like HOK and lacquer based paints.The Vision comes fitted with a .25mm needle and nozzle. I have found though that the Vision works much better with the optional .38 set up. I found the .25 needle to be flimsy and extremely delicate. To delicate in fact. Just a simple wipe down can destroy your .25 needle. The .38 just seemed to work all the way around better. The .38 set atomizes paint better. It is also alot more flexible allowing you to paint fine detail as well as some larger, heavier daggers, strokes and lines.The action on the Vision is smooth. I only have a few gripes concerning the Vision airbrush. One of those gripes is the trigger. I love it’s tall stance and the fact that it creates more travel, but it is uncomfortable. It has sharp edges that start to become an annoyance during long airbrushing sessions. There is a quick fix. You can drop a Talon trigger into the Vision and eliminate this issue.In conclusion the Vision is a great airbrush. It will do anything more expensive airbrushes with similar features can do. It is smooth, accurate and well built. I would not hesitate recommending this airbrush to anyone looking for a high end detail airbrush. It is also affordable and can be completely rebuilt with less than $30!Click Here To Find The Lowest Paasche Vision Prices Online!   

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2 CommentsShow allMost HelpfulHighest RatingLowest RatingAdd your review ReplyJames smethleyNovember 15, 2015 at 9:13 pm3Airbrush Rating60

Not real impressed with the vision. I do believe it has lots of potential if paasche decides to address issues and fix them. If this is their end product its going nowhere fast.+ PROS: Adjustable airflow at the tip of the airbrush.- CONS: The action is goofy hard to get use to. Trigger is super high and overall feeling is not comfortable. Hand fatigue is almost instant.Helpful(1)Unhelpful(2)You have already voted this ReplyRamonSeptember 11, 2016 at 12:57 am4.5Airbrush Rating90

Like cars, all airbrushes aren’t for everyone. But I use my Vision alone with my Olympos MP 200C Micron. And although they have different feels and operate different, both perform equally. And I don’t have to worry about breaking or losing tiny little parts during clean up.+ PROS: Smooth trigger operation, tear down and clean up. Lower initial purchase cost and replacement part. Parts available in most places- CONS: The tall trigger hight is favorable but the groves and shape are uncomfortable, I replaced it with a Talon trigger. Helpful(1)Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this

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