Paraelectric To Enter Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Two Consumer Electronics Market

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Recently, career worries, Zhaopin, ChinaHR and other major recruiting class website have released Beijing, Shenzhen, electrical outlets along the Suzhou branch jobs, while jobs in the company’s official website paraelectric recruitment field position in the eye-catching red font Beijing marked a new store jobs, store jobs, Suzhou, recruitment positions including senior director of human resources, branch sales manager, purchasing vice president, director of Construction Department and other senior management personnel and sales staff, electricians, security, loss prevention supervisor, dispatcher and other obvious preparation with a new store on the color of the grass-roots level to prepare post. As a result, the beginning of paraelectric will go to Beijing to Shenzhen, Suzhou, the two

Home Appliances The market industry rumors are confirmed, officially launched in Shenzhen paraelectric into the market outside the Fu, the curtain opened stores outside the province.

It is reported that Shenzhen paraelectric store will be located in Suzhou, covering 21 million square meters in floor area of 51 square meters planning the largest integrated consumer area of Suzhou ” Suzhou Times Square. Previously, the industry will talk shop opened in September, but because of unknown factors, was postponed, has not yet opened.

Another report, in addition to outside of Suzhou, including its origin, including Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large cities will be along electrical chain strategic focus of urban development. Currently, in addition to Times Square have been identified outside the shop in Suzhou, and Beijing, Shanghai, the owners of the negotiations already under way.

Industry analysts said the venture was the chief architect of reform and opening up inspection of published speech in South China Shenzhen Special Economic Zone that year (1992) Shenzhen Shun electricity, despite the store number and size of enterprise than the country the United States,

Suning Dwarfs the two giant home appliance chain. At the same time, still insists on not rely on capital market financing and self-development. However, in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Dongguan and other coastal cities with 15 stores in Shenzhen, paraelectric, with its “high-quality merchandise, wide selection, professional services,” the three operating characteristics; appliances (emphasis

Digital Cameras, Mobile , Computers and consumer electronics), live character (business scope including: crystal, tableware, cookware, glassware, cabinets, bedding, cloth, kitchen supplies, fitness equipment, floral), household appliances hospitals (an area of 1300 square meters, the establishment of on June 1996) three major characteristics and category display business, no bias Shopping guide, online ordering, nationwide distribution, ahead of the operating characteristics of domestic counterparts, forming a monopoly of local city market between high end users of competitive advantage. So, is the industry that “beyond the home appliance chain industry, home appliance chain,” “China Best Buy”, “future consumer electronics chain giant,” and so on.

The source also said the country into Shenzhen paraelectric sounded the clarion call of mega-cities market is expected to break the Gome and Suning Appliance Chain giants such as monopoly. On the contrary, Shenzhen paraelectric into Beijing, Shanghai and the release effect of the two cities, will also take Europe and the United States consumer electronics chain Best Buy business model produces a more positive effect.

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