Penn Battle 2 Review: PENN Battle II Spinning BTLII5000


If you are a big fan of fishing especially inshore fishing then you are probably familiar with the Penn fishing reels. Penn has over the years developed a wide range of fishing reels but the Penn Battle line of reels could easily be most popular with anglers. These reels have been specially designed for fishing anything from trout to Barracudas. They come in a variety of sizes from the small 1000 to the bigger 8000 with the Penn Battle 2 5000 and 6000 having been released quite recently.

The Battle II Reels are available at a very affordable price without quality being compromised. They are sturdy with soft touch knobs that make handling the reels easy and comfortable. Other features which were included in the 3000 and 4000 reels include a smooth drag and the anti-reverse feature.

Some users found the reels to be a bit heavy and reported experiencing wind knots, rough retrievals and noise after a period of use. The drag also stuck quite a lot and the bearings wore out quite easily. The spool also loosened after a while.

Penn upgraded their reels with the introduction of the battle 2 BTLII5000 and battle 2 BTLII6000 reels. They are favorites especially for anglers because of durability and their smooth drag.

A closer look at the Battle II 5000 and 6000 reels

The Penn BTLII5000 Battle II Spinning Reels released in 2014 features techno-balanced rotor that ensures easy retrievals and makes it suitable for catching most fish types from Barracudas to catfish. It has an all-metallic body that makes it durable even in salt water and gives the reel a degree of precision. It weighs 19.80 oz and can hold about 300 yards of 30 pound braid.

In this reel the old bearings have been replaced with the sealed ball bearings that offer corrosion resistance and better and smoother performance. Its other features most of which are shared with the larger Penn BTLII6000 Battle II include:

  • A front drag type made of carbon fiber
  • Anodized aluminum spools and handle
  • A maximum drag of 25 lb
  • A 5.6:1 gear ratio and a retrieve rate of 36
  • Left or right reel handle position
  • Instant anti-reverse feature

The Penn Battle II BTLII6000 Spinning Reels with its all-metal design, stainless steel metal shaft with six sealed bearings, and a Techno-balanced TM is an advancement of the 5000 that is larger and can hold up to 390 yards of 40 lb braid. Its other features include:

  • Greater mono capacity.
  • A higher retrieve rate of 41
  • Weight of 22.10 oz

How Is The Product Used

This product is used to offer more support when handling more heavy loads, when a big fish is caught thereby you do not have to fear loosing the catch or falling off the boat while fishing.

What Are The Benefits of the Penn Battle II (2) Spinning Fishing Reel

Some of the benefits offered by this product is that:

  • It offers more support while handling heavy loads
  • Offers more support because of its metalic body
  • The line does not slip easily because of its rubber lining
  • Its engineered to last longer that the usual fishing lines


  • Both reels can be used to catch small and large fish
  • The rust-resistant material used is durable and suitable for fishing in fresh and salty waters with the 6000 being especially great if you’re looking to fish in the coastal waters and low country inlets.
  • Instant anti-reverse feature is useful when handling a fighting fish
  • The techno-balanced rotor provides smooth and steady retrievals.
  • A strong handle with a soft-touch knob that makes it easy to use.
  • Maintains precision gear alignment owing to its metallic body
  • Rubber gasket on the anodized spool of the 6000 keeps the line from slipping thus eliminating any need for backing and comes ready for use with a braided line.


Though some users find them a bit heavy, no critical flaws have been reported with these reels. Most users rate their performance as reliable. However, according to some Penn Battle 2 reviews, there have been complaints of strange noises with the Penn BTLII5000 Battle II when it is slowly pulled in.


The Penn BTLII5000 Battle II Spinning Reels and Penn Battle II BTLII6000 Spinning Reels are worthy investments for lovers of fishing because you are assured of great performance and reliability. Though very affordable compared to other reels and might be considered low-end, Penn hasn’t compromised on quality or performance with these reels.

With proper maintenance, you will continue enjoying fishing for a long time with your Penn Battle 2 reels. In addition, great service from Penn is available whenever you have a problem with your reel so get yourself a Penn BTLII5000 Battle II or Penn BTLII5000 Battle II and enjoy fishing.

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