Penn Sargus Spinning Reel Review


Penn Sargus Spinning Reel has a unique construction and packs in a “less parts, more features” kind of a design. From popping plugs to chucking bait, Penn Sargus Spinning Reel can handle it all. A beautiful equipment, which is designed to cast great and demonstrates great power to let even the huge fishes run, stop them when they are trying to flee, and reel them- everything in a smooth manner.
Many buyers who bought spinning reel were quite contented with the purchase. This range of spinning reels consists of 6 models with different specifications of Mono Capacity, Gear Ratio, Line retrieve per Crank and weight. Let us find out more details about Penn Sargus Spinning Reel and whether it works as advertised.
Penn Sargus Spinning Reel ” MAIN FEATURES
This Penn Sargus Spinning Reel from Penn features a sturdy, corrosion resistant build with incredible gearing, allowing you to use them in both saltwater and fresh conditions. An aluminium alloy frame, rotors, covers, and a powerful gearing which is designed to last long means that you are sure to enjoy incredible performance the moment you take it out of the box.
Do not let the compact design and size of the spinning reel fool you. Compact sizing lends a great feel on the rod, particularly if you are somebody who likes to palm your reels.
The build quality is excellent. I hate it when spinning reels are fitted with parts that look real cheap, and handles that are plated. They eventually get sharp edges and peel off. However, this spinning reel features aluminum handle which is sure to take a beating.
Fitted with five sealed ball bearings made out of stainless steel and a single Double Dog Back-up System with anti reverse mechanism, the Penn Sargus Spinning Reel is all set to give you a rock-solid hooking experience. The ball bearings provide effortless and smooth operation in addition to support and stability.
The sealed drag system, aluminium spooling, and a non-twistable line roller combination make sure the reel means great durability, reliability and performance whenever you need it. The 1-year warranty from Penn is a sweetener and another reason to go for this lovely spinning reel.
The spool and sideplates are well forged and then made out of aluminium, whereas the handle is made out of a single piece. The gear housing itself is well protected to keep out salt, water and sand.
I found the drag real smooth and adjusting the Penn Sargus Spinning Reel for casting as well as braking is a cinch.
I found it extremely well built, with a simple design that has a remarkably reduced range of moving parts one can ever see. Spinning reels are largely tricky things to dismantle, and repair thanks to the number of breakable small parts that make up them. However, this piece is a bit different in that it is easy to strip and repair by yourself. Dismantling the entire reel should not take you more than 20 minutes regardless of your experience with such reels.
Thanks to great computer-aided-modeling design, the rotor of this spinning reel helps you take control of the reel even when you expect high speed gearing at great smoothness. Talk about balance to help you keep at it.
A few complaints have surfaced about the reel’s handling and drag when dealing with heavier fishes. The spinning reel is designed to best work with fairly limp lines and does not work as well with lines that are heavier, like more than 20 pounds.
Something which is really cool is that the Penn Sargus Spinning Reels are not terribly overpriced like several other high quality spinning reels out there. Depending on the model, you can grab these reels from $57 or more. Not bad for a high quality smooth casting reel.
Penn Sargus Spinning Reel is unquestionably one of the greatest spinning reels available on the market, for its ability to offer ultimate performance every single time you go fishing. It is a strong contender when it comes to light line applications, thanks to its smooth drag and great maneuverability. This is a spinning reel that is worth the price you for it. Smooth action, great drag, and full anti-reverse is a winning combination not found in many spinning reels.
After combing through the features and specifications of this product, this spinning reel is found to be a cut above the rest. In short, it is an ultimate fishing companion with which you can head back out to the waters this weekend.

Penn Sargus Spinning Reel Review

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