Penn Spinfisher SSV4500 Spinning Reel Reviews

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Have you seen the Twilight series? Remember how Bella’s dad is into fishing? If you are one of those guys whose hobby is fishing while drinking, then you must have heard of Penn’s fishing / spinning reels. In fact, Penn has some, if not the best fishing paraphernalia in the market. And when it comes to spinning reels, you should check out the Penn Spinfisher SSV4500 Spinning Reel.
Believe it or not, the SSV4500 is one of the perfect and most advanced fresh salt water fishing reels being sold in the market, making it a perfect addition to your fishing collection. Here’s why.
Main Features of the PENN SPINFISHER SSV4500
For starters, a spinning reel is the most popular reel, thanks to its open-faced design and accuracy features. Thankfully, the Penn Spinfisher SSV4500 lives up to expectations and remains true to its prototype.
The truth is the Spinfisher SSV4500 is also the most advanced of the Spinfisher reels ” yet. In fact, this Penn spinfisher model comes with improved features to make your fishing experience easier and more convenient. Its main features include:
·Six seals Water Tight Design so you don’t have to worry about saltwater getting into the gearbox or drag system ” no matter how much you dunk it in the surf.
·Sealed drag system with three HT-100 drag washers, one on top of the spool and two drag washers underneath, which are greased for smoothness and longevity.
·Line Capacity Rings so that you will know how much line is left when battling with the fishes in the sea. The three lines on the spool flange will tell you if you have 1/3rd, 2/3rd or a full spool of the line. And in case of re-spooling, you will find out a benchmark for backing your superlines with monofilament, which can help eliminate wasted time and line.
·Thicker and heavy duty aluminium bail wire to add strength and durability of the spinning reel. Again, there are instances when fishes can be quite a pain so you need to show them who’s the boss and who is stronger, of course.
·Full metal body and sideplate because aside from the strength required of bail wire, you also have to have a spinning reel that can offer precise gear alignment even under heavy loads ” and Penn Spinfisher V 4500 has that.
·5 shielded steel bearing system for support plus enhanced gear ratios on smaller sizes.
·Superline spool, which means no backing needed since the rubber gasket will already keep the superline from slipping.
·Friction trip ramp which helps prevent premature bail trip when casting.

Penn Spinfisher V 4500 Spinning Reel ” The Best Quality Reel?
Pros and Cons of the Penn Spinfisher SSV4500 Spinning Reel
Now that you know what the Penn Spinfisher SSV4500 Spinning Reel has to offer, it’s now time to look into the pros and cons of this amazing device. After all, you need to weigh whether this spinning reel from Penn is really worth every dollar.
·Improved rubber gasket to prevent the superline from slipping. This means you don’t need any backing to support the superline.
·The infinite anti-reverse feature with a back up ratchet on 7500-10500 sizes.
·Again, the water tight design. Most spinning reels are easily destroyed due to saltwater exposure. The good news is Spinfisher V 4500 has sealed construction that can assure you there won’t be any saltwater seeping inside.
·The overall look. Just by simply looking at it, you’ll immediately fall in love with simple yet durable design.
·It comes with a techno-balanced rotor that is capable of giving you a very smooth drag even with heavy loads.
·It is very easy to handle. And very easy to clean too.
·The cost. For as low as $111.75 up to $356.97 in Amazon, you can already get a high quality spinning reel that is well within your budget.
Most importantly, the SSV4500 spinning reel is made by Penn. Known for its superb fishing and spinning reel products, you know you are in good hands. Plus, Penn will never fail you ” or any of its products.
Apparently, every product has its downsides too and the Spinfisher SSV4500 Spinning Reel by Penn is no exception. Some didn’t like the design or the reel handle while others prefer spinning reels from other manufacturers. At the same time, factory defects may also come into play. If that’s the case, Penn will surely accommodate replacement.
Is it worth it?
Overall, yes. Compared to the other spinning reels sold in the market, the Penn Spinfisher SSV4500 Spinning Reel is truly outstanding. It is well-built, high quality Penn Fishing Reels that can handle fishes, regardless of the size. Given these features, it is also safe to say that everything is perfectly balanced yet very easy to use and handle.
And the best part? You get all of these amazing features without hurting your budget. Penn Spinfisher SSV4500 spinning reel ” definitely recommended.

Penn Spinfisher SSV4500 Spinning Reel Reviews

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