Protect Your Home From Termites After Receiving Pest Control Service

Having you just had service done to remove termites from your property? If so, you may want to consider taking further steps into protecting your home from a recurring termite infestation. To ensure your home is not at risk of another termite infestation, there are a few things that you could do around the house to protect yourself, like the following:Remove Potential Food Sources:

Eliminating food sources for termites is a critical way to prevent them from coming to your home. This is why having any dead wood, such as old and dried up trees removed from your property is a must. Not only can dead trees on your property attract termite colonies, but once termites are done feasting off of your tree then they are likely going to be drawn towards your home. Also, if you have a fountain or constant puddles in your yard, then you will want to clean these puddles up and consider removing your fountain. Water attracts termites, so by utilizing these options, you can prevent termites from feeding off the water around your home.Eliminate Soil Near Your Home:

Some termites enjoy nesting in soil and while they nest in soil, they can create tunnels. This means if you plant near your home and use soil close to the foundation of your home, termites can nest in your soil and create tunnels that lead to your home, which they can then feast off the foundation of your house. This can put your home at major risk of termite damage, which is why it is best to avoid this scenario by not planting near your foundation if you deal with consistent termite infestations. When you plant plants around the foundation, it loosens the soil, making it easy for the termites to dig through. Use Essential Oils:

Creating your own repellent doesn’t have to cost you a lot. In fact, you can make your own repellent by simply using a cinnamon oil solution. Not only is this an effective and easy-to-use solution, but because it is very affordable, you can continue to use this method without having to pay more than you’d like to in order to keep your home safe. Simply purchase the cinnamon essential oils and sprinkle the solution around the foundation of your home.

Using these tips and methods aren’t only great ways to keep termites off of your property, but because they can help eliminate termites, you can potentially save thousands on the potential damages that they can cause to your home. So, rather than worry about having to deal with another termite infestation, be sure to take matters into your own hands and consider using these tips. Contact a pest control company for more information.← Must-Have Kitchen Supplies For Your First ApartmentThe Best Reasons To Invest In A Land Survey Before Buying A Home ‘

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