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I’ve seen a number of Python developer resumes and what I skim over while reviewing resumes. The things I definitely skip over when skimming resume:Soft skills and project management type stuff. The people that are good at these things are the ones that don’t have to put it on their resume. “Great communication skills” “Fast learner” “Worked with team members” “Excellent written skills”. Job postings list them as a requirement, but resumes are not the place to list that. You have to demonstrate excellent written skills while writing your resume, show up communication skills during the interview or phone screen and prove it.Academic courses. Some developers like it, but I don’t find any value, given that most are the same things everybody took and tend to be shallow, compared with work experience with an area.Keep in mind that this is only my opinion, I’m an usual Python software developer, not a recruiter or hiring manager. Anyway don’t write your resume to sound impressive – write to communicate.


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