Quick Tips on How to Get More Leads

Do you ever wonder why you aren’t getting as many leads as you think you should? Oftentimes, the solution to this problem doesn’t take more than a quick revamp of your real estate websiteand an efficient follow-up system. Follow these practical tips and you’re on your way to yielding more leads.Add fresh content ” Leaving the same page on your real estate websitefor months on end sends out a signal to customers that you aren’t up to date. It is important that you update your content every two to three months to show that you have your eyes on the ball by regularly maintaining your website. Change the look of your page by using a different copy, design or color scheme. That way, you will be showing customers that you have something new to offer them and therefore encourage repeat visits to your website.Use an effective lead capture – Whenever a potential customer visits your website, you only have a few seconds to catch his attention. Use this opportunity to get their contact details by getting them to fill out a short form saying you will get in touch with them ASAP. You also want to encourage them to learn more by offering whatever incentives you can. State what you can do for them now by citing perks such as cash backs on the purchase of their home or automated email alerts.Short and sweet ” Always make your ads direct to the point and relevant to your customer’s needs. You want to keep them short and succinct. Avoid boasting about how many homes you sold last year ” your potential customer doesn’t care and wants to know what you can do for him now.Connectivity is everything – Since the majority of new leads show up in your email, you don’t want to miss out on anything just because you are on the road or at an open house. Syncing your email on your phone gives you access to new leads even while on the fly. Most customers expect a reply within an hour, so your response rate is crucial. As soon as a lead lands in your inbox, act on it immediately.Gauge your ad’s effectiveness ” There are analytics tools that allow you to view how many people have clicked on your listing and viewed it. By using these features, you will have an idea of what actually works and what doesn’t. Use these findings to your advantage.Co-branding ads – If you are working with another party such as a mortgage broker or appraiser, you can cut costs by sharing an ad space with them. Have their company name or logo in your ad and split the cost with them while you both enjoy the same exposure.Follow through ” Always keep your customer database updated. Device a system that enables you to send out email alerts quickly and efficiently so that when one of them decides they want to buy or sell a home, you will be top of mind.

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