Report Says Facebook had made Tool to Filter Content

Facebook has faced a lot of criticism and complains about their platform that its is being used by many of its users to spread Hoax news and  had provided them their platform for long time. . New York Times has reported that their new tool have allowed to filter such posts from appearing to user’s news feed with respect to their geographic locations. This tool has been created by direct approval and supervision of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with an idea that it may gain its entry into China.

Facebook has taken the responsibility of managing content off their shoulders and had put this onto the shoulders of third party i.e. Local Companies in that region, this move will give these third party companies full access to control of the content appearing on user’s News Feed. It should be noted that Facebook is among some other major sites that had been banned in China since 2009.

According to this same report this feature is not a secret and question related to it was asked in Q&A session for employees. This tool had already been under construction since last year when teams from same company were assembled to work under Vaughan Smith (V.P for Mobile, Corporate business development).

Facebook has already worked on finding the ways to deal with fake news even before this third party content control they have released a tool last year intended for its Facebook users to report Fake content. They also stated that Sites using Facebook ad network for Hoax News will be Blocked.

It all seems a Vision for Facebook Global users agenda to gain entry in China because such Media Control is already seen by many in China and such move and control transfer will make their way clear to gain entry into China and their growth desire will be fulfilled what can you say again corporate interests are above ethics after all.

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