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Mission: Impossible ” FalloutOur film critic David Edelstein reviews the latest in the unstoppable espionage franchise: The sixth “Mission: Impossible ” Fallout” feature starring Tom Cruise is getting rave reviews, and I must pose the question: Why is this ridiculous series so potent? Is it the premise? Is it the annoying but amazingly can-do star? There are a few clues in the original TV incarnation, which ran on CBS from 1966 to 1973 and was so dull it had a strange kind of power It had two great elements: the team of poker-faced good guys acting as high-tech with artists, donning life-like masks to impersonate marks and coordinating stings with clockwork precision; and the theme by Lalo Schifrin, the musical equivalent of that fuse under the credits, going on: Mission: Impossible Theme and Title Sequences by Themes and Titles on YouTube When Tom Cruise seized the title concept in 1996, he kept Schifrin’s theme but he threw out the teamwork concept, so his character, Ethan Hunt, ended up a lone wolfBrian De Palma was the director, but Cruise was the muscle Mission: Impossible ” Trailer by Paramount Movies Digital on YouTube And for the second film he hired Hong Kong hotshot John Woo to turn him into a super-cool kung fu hunk He looked like an ass, but the movie did well For JJ Abrams’ “Mission: Impossible III,” Cruise went back to the idea team Ving Rhames had aboard from the start, but now there was Simon Pegg as a comic chatterbox, which helpedBut it was number 4, “Ghost Protocol,” that turned “Mission: Impossible” into an event The director was animator Brad Bird of “The Incredibles,” a genius at showing how best-laid plans could become worst-case scenarios Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Official Trailer by Mission Impossible on YouTube Christopher McQuarrie’s Number 5, “Rogue Nation,” was almost as good, bringing in Swedish-born actress Rebecca Ferguson, who stole the movie But that was okay, because the goal was different now People started to dislike Cruise with his couch-jumping antics with Oprah and public affiliation with the Church of ScientologySuddenly, the aim of “Mission: Impossible” was to make him vulnerable That’s also the theme of the newest film, “Mission: Impossible ” Fallout,” again with McQuarrie directing The script is “Mission: Impossible to Follow,” but the movie is a great fun anyway, with a whiplash action and a lively ensemble, including Ferguson (hooray!) And Henry Cavill as a rival agent who flaunts his handsomeness I think I’m going to be hitting myself, I’m going to be hitting myself, I’m going to be sick, and I’m going to be hitting myself I admit I do not find Cruise especially appealing, but I have no doubt why he’s a star, and I’m not so sure Tom Cruise’s secret agent takes the leap into the latest “Mission: Impossible” installment Paramount Pictures

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