Review of Perfect Memory Camera

We’re looking at the Perfect Memory Camera It is small in size it comes in a plastic box, in the box you will find the USB cable and some clips as well as the manual This clip is magnetic, it clips on to the back of the Perfect Camera you can switch between the clips , and use the one that gets attached to a necklace perhaps around the neck this clip can be added to a tripod This clip attaches to your belt perhaps you can use the USB cable to access the photos and videos but mainly most of the work will be between the Camera and your phone this is the manual , it’s one page has information to get you started with the Wi-Fi Syncing The camera will not run unless you insert an SD Card it was suggested to use the 32 GB SD Card instead of the 64 GB, as they ran into some issues with the 64 GB one.inserting the SD Card is a bit the card all the way in, until it no longer appears Syncing via Wi-Fi will only work with IOS and android for the time being.using the iOS you will need to access the setting and into the Wi-Fi.Turn the Camera on, it will blink in a red color , until you see a solid green light once the light turns green, you will click it one more time to get a blue color and that’s when it will be viewable on your phone from the Wi-Fi setting you look for ParaShoot , and start the pairing, the password is available in your one page manual [.] Make sure you have downloaded an application called Perfect Memory Camera on your iOS or Android.The camera is now is tethered to the phone via the app you have downloaded, whatever the camera is pointing at will be viewable from your phone’s screen you can access the Camera’s setting from within the app video quality 1080, 720 photo setting is 4 MP, 8 MP or 12 MP to choose from there is the RetroSave feature it’s as if the Camera is running on standby if you happen to be wearing for instance the camera around your neck, and you happen to see something that you would like to capture you simply tap on the camera or double click for it to start saving automatically it can save up to the last 5 minutes maximum [I have not tested the Retrosave ] it also has the Car DVR Looping those are features controlled from the phone’s app not the camera the camera has only three buttons , one to power it , one for video recording and one for picture taking The Car DVR Looping , records a regular video but if you run out of space on your SD card , it starts deleting chunks of time (previously set ) and overriding them with new content if you choose the setting of 10 mins , then while recording , each 10 mins will be considered as one chunk.once you run out of space, the first chunk will be deleted entirely which in this case will be the 10 minutes and it will be overwritten.[.Further explanation.] upside down setting , flips the camera view upside down , timer setting : is self explanatory , set how many seconds before a picture is taken.Good for selfies Time-lapse setting: you can enable it to take photos every so often intervals could be set at every 1 second , 5 seconds 30 seconds use can you the magnet clip and attach the camera on a steel surface and it will start snapping photos on its own based on the intervals Photo Quality : High , Medium Low Camera Off Setting: how long before the Camera shut off when idle LED indicator: based on the color on the buttons in the back , you can tell if it’s connected to your phone or not Blue means it’s connected via Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Password setting: is where you can change the password whenever they send updates, you will have to unplug your SD Card from the Camera Plug the SD Card in your laptop, and download the update the root of the SD Card Then plug the SD Card back into the Camera The USB Cable can be used for Photos and Videos Downloads as well as Charging your Camera on the camera itself, you can take videos directly bypassing the phone app by recording directly from the camera it disconnects from the can work as a stand stop the video recording, click on the button one more take a photo , same thing , just click on the button that has the photo image on it the USB connector is for the USB cable it’s a small device , but it is sturdy.Extremely is very light, unlike having a bulky Camera at all times.Photo quality is really good and so is the video quality.Hope you enjoyed the video , and hopefully it was informational as well.

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