Rifle Scope With Green Laser Review at Night

Rifle Scope With Green Laser Review at Night

Having a green laser on your rifle scope not only looks cool, it is cool and ideal for shooting at night time conditions for quick acquisition of your target. Like the scope itself it can be sighted in and having both the scope and laser at your disposal is quite an advantage. Unlike the scope which can’t see in the dark the laser can light up the target enough to see that you are on target wether looking through the scope or not. The laser function also creates security letting others know the position of a potential threat or hostile target. Likewise using it can also reveal your location and under normal circumstances it is never a good idea to point a gun or a laser ant anybody unless they are an immediate threat to life or property. That being said pointing a laser at somebody could temporarily disorient, confuse and even blind them. Like owning a gun, it is important not to point it at anything you don’t intend to shoot.

The Scope features optical zoom and focus as well as variable levels of brightness for the green or red crosshairs on the the scope which can be used day or night but certainly more helpful at night. It also features lens covers that are see through and help eliminate glare are well as scratches to the lens of the scope.

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You will need picitanny mounts to mount this scope and in my case I am outfitting it on a Century Arms Romanian WASR 10/63 AK so I need a multi rail side mount for the rear of my AK. What I like about this set up is that I can still add a flashlight. In this case I went with the green Iprotec flashlight however they also make white or red lights. What I like about the green is that it illuminates your surroundings while not causing alarm unless pointed directly at you. In fact the light it produces goes undetected by most wildlife and animals by sight, but when you point it at their eyes they light right up. Wether it be a feral hog, deer, innocent for, a coyote, snake or spider yes spider! My first time camping with this flashlight I spotted a spider from over 20 meters away at night. Gong back to the side rail mount, it has a quick disconnect so I have it permanently attached to my scope and it is removed from my rifle to use my iron sights during the day with out losing my sight adjustments.

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