Rimmel : College Beauty Spotlight

My friend Cassie and I went out together with a group of our friends last night and I asked her if I could do her makeup before we left. I want to be a makeup artist one day so I try to take every opportunity to practice on my friends as I can. I am in a sorority so when will I ever have this many faces to freely practice on again in my life? Probably never! I have interviewed Cassie for my College Beauty Spotlight before and you can find her interview here. Overall, Cassie said that she liked the look but she did not really like how far the dark lower liner went on her eyes. I really appreciate the feedback because you can’t get better without it Here is the look and what I did to achieve it
Jessica is a 22 year old senior in college and is absolutely adorable! She reminds me of a lot of Zoella from Youtube and I had so much fun interviewing her! Jessica literally always receives compliments on her makeup and likes to wear an amazing neutral smokey eye with winged liner. I was excited to hear exactly how she does creates her look. She also loves doing other peoples makeup which is a passion that we both share.

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