Rules of the Game ” The Amazing Race (to Rebuild Barkerville)

The Great Fire of 1868 has left Barkerville in much need of repair, and it’s up to you and your “Fire Brigade” team to race through a series of exciting challenges that will help rebuild the town and lead the ultimate winner to a seriously golden grand prize…Playing the GameTeams of 4 to 6 people are provided with an Activity List marked with a name corresponding to the location of a challenge, the contact name, and the point value of the challenge.

Teams have precisely 75 minutes to complete as many of the listed challenges as possible in an attempt to score the highest points possible and be eligible for the grand prize.

When teams arrive at the LOCATION of a particular challenge, one member of the team approaches CONTACT and receives a sheet of paper outlining the CHALLENGE (e.g. when Team ‘Moses’ arrives at the Library and finds Mr. Bowron, a sheet marked LIBRARY is read).

The sheet of paper will be marked with the following information: challenge location, participation level, outline of activity or clue, and contact person.
Location will reiterate where the team currently is.Participation level will indicate whether the challenge requires an attempt by the ENTIRE TEAM or a SINGLE PLAYER.

If ENTIRE TEAM is indicated, all team members must complete the challenge ” together ” before points can be awarded.

If SINGLE PLAYER is indicated, one player from the team will either volunteer or be selected to complete the challenge alone.

Each team member may only attempt a SINGLE PLAYER challenge once per player rotation; i.e. once an attempt on a SINGLE PLAYER challenge has been made, regardless of its outcome, that player may not volunteer or be selected to compete in another SINGLE PLAYER challenge until each member of the team has already done so.Outline of activity or clue tells the team what they’re in for.Contact person refers the team to its guide and adjudicator for the given activity, by name or by occupation. Location contacts will explain the task at hand, oversee the team’s attempt at completing the task, and judge the results.

If an ENTIRE TEAM or SINGLE PLAYER completes a challenge satisfactorily, the team or player will receive an envelope containing proof of completion and an indication of the number of points awarded for the particular challenge.

Challenges must be attempted in the order in which they appear on a team’s Activity List (except the four Bonus Activities, which may be attempted at any point during the game).

A challenge may be abandoned once started, or skipped altogether, but may not be returned to once the next listed challenge has commenced.

Different challenges have different point values ” something to keep in mind while plotting courses of action.

The team with the most points at the end of 75 minutes wins a chance to compete in a gold-pan-off at Williams Creek to determine the grand-prize winner of The Amazing Race (to Rebuild Barkerville)! After all… there can be only one!

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