Samsung CFG70 27 Inch [Review Update] Purple Issue Artifact Fix

Purple Fix Orange Artifacts now (less noticeable) more ghosting minimal more clouding Light strip from the right side now on both sides (where colours wash out a bit ” not seen on dark scenes) Strange Banding on dark images with uniformity colours Hi together.This is a short review update to the samsung cfg70.Today i get the cfg70 in 27 inch and just wanted to tell you first, that the purple artifact issue also the problem with purple pixels in some game scenes has been fixedl I had found this screenshot from a user from overclock.Net and tested my 24 inch model which i reviewed some days ago, with this screenshot this means ” if you move (mostly in dark games where you can see a dark object behind a dark wall like in this screenshot) you get purple artifacts on the 24 inch model with the older software (which has probably more overdrive ” now less) so this problem has been fixes when i moved this screenshot around on the 24 inch model, i had a lot of purple artifacts (remember, this is a screenshot where you can usualy see this very good ” in most games i dont see that artifacts) i tested it also in witcher 3 where i had purple artifact problem at night in a town in dark bushed behind a dark wall (but not that much like in the screenshot) here as well the issue was fixed especially here on this screenshot like i sayed it was very extreme, and as you can see it´s gone so samsung “fixed” this.BUT now i notice a other problem… So the purple artifacts are fixed BUT now you get light orange / yellow artifact Here you can see preety good at the bars and writing as well as on the black bars that you will get now orange / yellow artifact this artifact you can see most @100 hz at 144 hz it´s a little bit less and at 60 hz it´s at least The problem has been fixed and you notice the orange artifact less than before in the purple (as well as in games) but now changes the colour and the “strenght” i will upload photos (you can find in the description) where you can find all „bigger“ or „new“ problems on the 27 inch model where you can see “changes” better then on the video Unfortunately you will have another disadvantage on the 27 inch model For this i open the ufo test photos oft the samsung as well as oft he asus pg279q On the left you can see the asus On the right you can see test images from the samsung cfg70 One from the 24 inch the other from the 27inch model in the standart ” faster and fastest modus The reason why i´m showing you the asus ufo test photos is because Asus had more ghosting in compare tot he 24 inch model (before the artifact was fixed) Now the Asus have nearly almost less or the same ghosting values If you look closely @ the fastest UFO test you can clearly see that the cfg70 is throwing 2 shadows maybe if you look superclose 3 shadows but you will not notice the 3rd one before you had 1 shadow which was very light and a second shadow which you could see only if you look very closely (like the 3rd shadow on the 24 inch model) Now the shadow can be perceived more strongly ” so the ghosting is more @27 inch and one more shadow comes into it which is very light First i was shocked when i moved some windows @ my photoshop and some objects behind dark images where you can see the ghosting in extrem cases but i played witcher 3, overwatch, titan souls and cs go and i didn´t notice the ghosting while playing only when i fixed a object ” for example@ overwatch fixed a dark cable behind the sky and moved my mouse left and right i noticed a light shadow but i don´t think that we can really tank about ghosting in games (shure, tn panels deals better with it ” so you have again to set your priorities again) just wanted to mention what @ the 27 inch cfg70 is also noticeable (between the 24 inch) he got very minimal more clouding ” on the camera you can see on the top a little bit on the bottom minimal and on the right corner on the camera you can see clouding more then in person i wouldn´t say this is a problem but just wanted to mention what you can notice more at the 27 inch Model is a brightening strip on the right as well as on the left side ” which aren´t backlight bleeds cause you can not see these brightening strips in dark scenes (more on light scenes) you can see this most on desktop use ” when im open my folder (i hope you can see @ camera) when im going on right, the right side oft he folder is going brighter and colours tend to wash out same on the left side ” @ the 24 inch model i had this issue only on the right side it does not disturbs that much (some people more some less) but still i find it pity! If you compare this to ips glow, ips glow is like 50 times more horrible (for me) What disturbs most @ the 27 inch model is the luminance uniformity (and the more ghosting) But before i show you, i want to let you know that you will see this only @ darker AND uniform colours So not blacks, more like dark blue, dark brown, dark red… For this i made some pictures in different colours On the camera you see this sometimes more and sometimes more less then in person (on photos you can see this much better, download @video description) @ this screen here it´s very intense on camera , so dont be afraid oft hat much Here it looks very close Here you can see 3 dark strips You will have dark and light strips through the complete display in the horizontal and vertical This makes me really sad, @photoshop you can see this clearly at the background Sometimes also at photo editing (at uniform colours!) At games you will not notice this (i will show you where you notice it in 1 minute) I put some light uniform colours to show that you can see this disatvantage only @ dark colours And at normal desktop use and games you will not notice Sometimes, like in this picture you will notice the darker strips When i go up and down and you focus this and this area You will still see strips while moving This remebers me on DSE (dirty screen effect) on TV´s But not that much like on TV´s On bright images like clouds (where you can see DSE on TV´s clearly) You will not notice this strips, so this is not DSE and is an issue with the LED´s in the monitor and maybe because of the curve This monitor also have colour banding Banding looks like this, this means you will have some „stairs“ at colour gradings So the cfg70 got it, but not that horrible like my TN panel and not as good like an IPS like the Asus PG279Q with IPS for example The 27 inch version got one advantage in the curve ” this means you will notice the curve more then on the smaller 24 inch model But still ist annoying and sad that the good quality control which i have praised at the 24 inch model Is now going worse when we talk about luminance uniformity with the strips on the right and left side where colours tend to wash out Then the strange strips in dark and uniformity images that the 24 inch model had aswell, but not that noticable and strong like on the 27 inch model and minimal more clouding two things which annoys me and make me sad at the same time is 1.the trend to „thin display“ ” so they go thinner and thinner as well as the focus on curved panels what makes your image quality more worse (aswell your luminance uniformity) so this give me more disatvantages then it makes me happy the problem is people makes it happy to got a superthin monitor and most people will not see the issues that i see (or maybe you too if you look this video) in reviews they just say how badass these superthin models are but it brings me nothing when im sitting in front oft he monitor so the image quality is just going worse and it´s pity that no one manufacturer says: „comon, we will create a monitor a 8 cm thick monitor with a super luminance uniformity without „strange strips“ and „washed out strips on the side“…“ as well as at the quality control i wished they would do more so i prefer to play some more money to don´t have this stupid problems the 2.thing whats really sad ist hat most big reviewer which have a big influence to customers just say things like „super freesyn“ ” „super viewing angles f**** off ips glow“ ” „super bright, we dont care if you “getting blind“ etc.So i think the most manufacturers test theyr own products before they send them out to the „influencers“ ” im pretty shure… And ist really pity that these people give a f*** again when we talk about „quality“ So this was everything now tot he 27 inch model oft he cfg70 A lot of people was disturbed by the purple artifact issue For me personally it wasn´t that big issue Now they fixed and we have a bit more ghosting which isn´t that big disatvantage (i prefer better ghosting) But as you can see, only 3 inch bigger and more problems with the backlight/ LED´s I will ordert he 27 inch again and try him one more time as well as give you guys informations in the video commentaries Subscribe for more detailed and honest reviews ” i will never say something positive about products if this is not the case!.

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