Samsung RB31FERNDSS Review – Fridge Freezer Reviews

Build quality
Editor: 98%
Editor: 98%
Ease of Use
Editor: 98%
Energy Efficiency
Editor: 93%
Editor: 98%
Power failure storage
Editor: 95%
Review Summary:

The Samsung RB Combi Range RB31FERNDSS Freestanding Fridge Freezer ” Stainless Steel Look is a great purchase, with plenty of effective features. The high energy rating, capacity, and attractive design have seen this become hugely popular with buyers.

As one of the largest, most recognised technology brands on today’s market, Samsung creates impressive products across all types, including home appliances. This Samsung RB Combi Range RB31FERNDSS Freestanding Fridge Freezer carries a range of impressive features and a sleek stainless steel look that brings a stylish modern touch to any kitchen.

Buyers have responded well to this appliance, with most praising its design, its features, and its capacity. So, why should you choose this model for your home?

First of all, this has a high energy-efficiency rating of A+ (two below the top A+++ grade), with an eco-friendly performance that consumes less electricity and will cost less to run in the long-run. It’s also quiet, and carries a 10-year manufacturer DD motor warranty. The LED display keeps you informed of the temperature, and the open door alert will notify you by alarm if you leave the appliance door open for too long (accidentally or by design).

The appliance is split 60/40 (fridge/freezer), and the manufacturer warranty for the unit itself is two years ” long enough to provide peace of mind. Adjustable shelves allow you to shift the internal layout, ensuring there is plenty of space for your food; the net capacity of the fridge is 212 litres, and the freezer’s net capacity is 98 litres. The fridge features three shelves, and the freezer has three drawers.

More features provide great value for money. The anti-bacterial protection inside the fridge prevents the build up of mould and bad odours inside, and the auto-defrost on the refrigerator & freezer stops ice from building up on the back wall by defrosting it on regular occasions. Bottle storage is also provided, which reduces the amount of space needed to store bottles and cartons ” creating a neater layout altogether.

Shelves are made with safety glass, as well as an egg tray, while the salad crisper reduces humidity levels and boosts air-circulation, keeping food fresher for longer. The freezer has 18 hours of power failure safe storage, keeping your food frozen for almost a full day in the event of a drop or cut in power.

The Samsung RB Combi Range RB31FERNDSS Freestanding Fridge Freezer also has easy-slide shelves, super-fast freezing (to help your food freeze faster when it detects a large amount of products have been stored in the freezer, locking-in freshness and flavour for longer).  A wine rack adds an extra helpful storage facility.

This offers every household a high-quality appliance, with a high energy rating and numerous useful features. Pros

Super-fast freezing
Large capacity
Auto-defrost reduces need for manual defrosting, in fridge and freezer sections
High energy rating Cons

Higher price than some models

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