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It is not necessary that every web developer should also be a good content writer and as we all know how much time consuming it is to write a 500 or 1000 words of article, we have to plan some way out to mange that.  Here in this post, i’m going to tell you my secret trick that I am using since a very long time and guess what! You will get this trick without any charges.

There are so many ways to get 500 and 1000 words of content without paying a single penny, but people are not aware about that.Million Dollars TrickTrick No:1

A normal Article writer charges $1-2 for a 500 words of content, while the technique that i’m going to tell you requires nothing more than a good listening ability. I think all of us know how much content there is on Youtube these days! It has got almost each and every thing starting from movie reviews to How to’s. What you need to do here is to search for any specific keyword on which you are looking to write an article, after finding out those videos, simply write down what ever you are hearing in the video. Open your ears completely, in fact, try using a headphone to make the voice more audible.  Trick No:2

Trust me, I have written 1000 to 2000 words of perfect grammar content that is not only legal, but also pretty much useful. Other than this technique, you can also legally steal content from Facebook comments. You might have noticed that people write so many big comments on Facebook that can actually become  a 300 or 500 words of perfect article. Simply copy as many comments as you can that have written on a single topic and make it look like an article.Also check: How to write a plagiarism free articlePlagiarism Free

Always remember that Google doesn’t Crawl / track Facebook comments. So, you can make use of it for a purpose. One more cool technique to generate a plagiarism free legal content is to use Google translate website. You just need to look for French and German content on or and translate that content in English. The chances are that you will get a decent looking article better than the ones created from spinners. [/sociallocker]

Note: My advice to you people is that please try to make sure that your content is always 100% plagiarism free, legal and have a perfect grammar.

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