Secret Trick To Get Massive Traffic From Pinterest with in 21 days

AlychiDesigns has already got an article on How To Get Traffic From Pinterest, but in this post, I am going to tell you my secret way to drive traffic on your website with in 21 days of time frame.Share the content to read further:

You can count Pinterest in the list of some of the top social networks in the world that can give you massive traffic on your site. However, many people are still not aware of it. You might be thinking that what’s the use of Pinterest when we are already getting huge traffic from Facebook and Twitter, well, trust me, neglecting Pinterest will be your biggest mistake ever.

As the title suggests, I will be revealing some of my top secrets to get massive traffic from Pinterest in this post, you will have to read the entire post till the very end.

I took a bit of help from Cynthia Sanchez regarding how to startup with Pinterest because before, I was just like you spending my entire day on Facebook and Twitter. I didn’t knew how impressive Pinterest was. I simply started to follow her on Pinterest and Twitter. She used to share some pretty cool tips and tricks on her Twitter account, from where I learned everything.Day 1 to 10 (Building a huge Pinterest following of yours):

Building a huge list of followers is extremely very important on almost each and every social network because if you are having loads of interesting stuff that you want to publicize, you need someone in front of you. Similarly, if there is one another guy, who is not having a kind of stuff that you are having, but he has got loads of followers, chances are that his below par stuff is going to get more popular than yours.Moral: Firstly, you need to build a list of huge amount of followers

I am now going to show you how I managed to build my huge list of Pinterest followers! Remember, you should not spam at all because it will only result in a permanent removal of your account on Pinterest. You are just required to work slowly and follow the steps on a regular basis to increase your followers.
You need to go to-> search option & then search keywords related to your niche (I myself searched keywords such as jquery, blogging and socialmedia for my Pinterest account.
After searching that, you will get a huge list of pinners, boards and pins.
Our main aim is to target pinners, so, we are gonna select the tab of pinners.
Now, we have got the list of only those people who are having similar interests as ours. You can do 2 things with this list.

If you really want to showcase your website, you will have to interact with all the pinners in the list that you have gathered. Do note that these are also bloggers like you, so, there is no need to panic or behave like robots while approaching them.

So, these are the 2 main things that you need to do:
After following so many people, there is a chance that at least 50 to 60% among them will definitely follow back your Pinterest account (on a condition that they belong to a similar niche).
If you are looking to increase the chances of getting more followers, you need to do one more thing. Just when you press the follow button on anybody’s profile, visit 1 or 2 pins from their profiles and write some awesome comments along with few likes on it. What this will do is that he or she will come to know that you love his or her content. As a result, the chances of getting a follow back will also increase.

You can also post your website links on Pinterest automatically by using NextScripts ” A Great WP Auto Poster Plugin For Social NetworksDay 11 to 14 (You need to focus more on “Pinterest Boards”)

The next important thing you need to focus is boards. Pinterest boards can generate a lot of traffic on your Pinterest profile and your website. So, don’t try to avoid it.

In these four days, you have got 2 works:

-You have to create your very own board, which is not a difficult task to do. Simply go to your Pinterest profile & press the tab of “boards” and choose “create board” option.

Once, you are gonna click “create board“, you will see a popup like above shown image. Just fill the blanks properly and add some thing interesting in this last field that is (who can add pins). Its a very important field because it will detect whether the board that you have created will be a (group board) or not.

I recommend you to create at least two or three group boards to increase the interaction & get traffic on your profile.

Also note that you have to create at least seven to eight boards in your profile, from which, five of them may be related to your niche & thee from some other niches. What it will do is that your profile will not look boring and will be easily searched on different search engines.Search & Join (group boards):

Searching for group boards is extremely very easy. When you will get the search results, the next thing would be to select boards in a similar way like you selected pinners in the previous steps. Now check the icons on the boards at the top right hand side as shown in the pic below. All these boards are (group boards) & have got a pretty huge list of followers.How to join these group boards?
You need to visit the particular board first and find the person who is the admin. Now, look for his pins in that board & write a comment on it. In that comment, also mention that you would like to join his board in the form of contributor. Also write down your profile URL in your comment.
Pinterest has also got a facility of sending private messages, so, simply visit the profile of the admin of that group board and send him a message.

Meanwhile, you can also check some really interesting articles on other social media networks:Day 15 to 18 (Connecting with other accounts and adding friends on other social networks):

Now, make use of other social networks to get more traffic. There are many otions from which, you can create a connection of Facebook and twitter with Pinterest.It works like this:

When ever, you are gonna pin anything on Pinterest, it will automatically get published on your Twitter and Facebook. This awesome thing will give you 2 main benefits:

1. You can increase your number of followers because people will find your pins on as much as 3 platforms.

2. There is a chance that your content may go viral if people start sharing it on Twitter and Facebook.

Another main task that you need to perform is to get connected with people who use Pinterest through Facebook groups and Twitter to work in a gang.Day 19 “21 Decide (What kind of pictures you should share on Pinterest)

First of all, try to create attractive and HD featured images for your blogs that you can later pin on Pinterest, besides that create informative infographics by mentioning the link of your site with in the image and also share other’s infographics as well.

If you want to learn how we create attractive featured images on AlychiDesigns, you can watch this video:Do note these important points:If you are gonna spam a lot, your domain name will get banned.Comments like “great pin”, “amazing pin”, etc will be considered as spam, if used more than 3 times.You can only follow 180 pinners on a daily basis, if you tried following more than that, it will also result in a ban, so give  a gap, instead of acting like a robot.Use hash tag to get better results.

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