Senco SNS41 16-Gauge Construction Stapler Review

Customer reviews: (4.1 / 5)

The Senco SNS41 16 gauge stapler is a light yet heavy duty pneumatic power tool that provides fast stitching for all types of sheathing, ridge beam installation and other construction applications. Construction staplers like this one can add oomph to your projects, allowing you to fire off fasteners with great precision as fast as you can drag the tool.

This nifty tool is made by Taiwanese brand Senco, which is known for its high quality air powered power tools. It is available at prices between $179 and $288, putting it in the price range of other professional quality staple guns. With the SNS41, you get what you pay for ” a lightweight heavy wire tool with multi-directional stitching and very little downtime.

Ergonomic and Compact, Yet Powerful For Many Construction Projects

The air powered Senco SNS41 is designed for 7/16 inch crown staples of lengths between 1 and 2 inches, so you can use it for a variety of applications such as floor sheathing, fencing, lathing, roof decking, sub-flooring, siding, furniture framing, crate and box assembly and any other projects where 16 and 17 gauge heavy wire staples are useful. Weighing 4.6 pounds and equipped with an ergonomic grip to reduce vibration fatigue, this tool is very easy on your arms. Think of all the projects where you could benefit from having a hand free, because of the lightweight and handy design of this medium crown construction stapler by Senco. If you need speed, this power tool will deliver.

Say Goodbye to Fastener Jams

The EZ-Clear latch feature that Senco offers on many of its power tools and on the Senco SNS41 is an excellent feature to help you reduce downtimes due to staple jams, and work quickly. The lever, located on the nose of the tool, gives you better access to the fasteners that you want to clear, though stapler jams are not frequent phenomena on the stapler. Nevertheless, during the few occasions that jams do occur, you can quickly clear the culprits and keep on working without a disruption in the workflow.

Dual Action Trigger for Rapid Fastening

There are two ways in which contact actuation works in the SNS41 stapler, for sequential operation or bottom-fire mode depending on the type of work and speed you want. When you position the tip against the surface and pull the trigger, you get regular sequential operation. If you want rapid firing for larger pieces of work, pull the trigger first and place the tip against the surface. Every time the tip and surface make contact, a staple is pushed in with bottom-fire mode, letting you rapidly shoot staples in high production projects.

Senco SNS41 Features and Specifications

· Depth control for adjusting depth of drive.

· Durable construction to minimize operation costs and downtime.

· Reasonable size with dimensions 10 3/4 X 15 X 4 3/16 inches.

· Contraction actuation trigger, operated by normal finger contraction in two ways.

· Operating pressures between 80 and 120 psi.

· Consumes 5.4 SCFM of air via a 3/8 inch air inlet.

· 360 degree adjustable exhaust to deflect air away from face and work piece.

· Comes with a 1 year warranty.


The depth of drive adjustment feature on the Senco SNS41 is a great feature to let you drive staples in precisely and deep enough for projects like fencing with wood dowels etc. With roof sheathing, users have found the 16 gauge staple will fire staples as speedily as you can pull the tool along your work surface. This tool is designed for professional construction workers, but amateurs who love to do their own home remodeling and flooring will enjoy working with this high quality tool that offers great value for the price.

The adjustable exhaust is very useful in blowing air away from your face and the surface you are working on, allowing you to work comfortably. You can use the multi-directional stapling feature of the air stapler with the bottom fire mode for large and rapid projects. But if you are working in a group and in certain other circumstances when you want to ensure safety, you can limit firing to a single direction with the sequential trigger mode as described above.


Some users have had trouble negotiating the dual-action trigger, firing multiple staples when only one was required. However, when you have played with the tool a little and figured out the amount of pressure needed for sequential shooting.

As of now, the 16 gauge Senco SNS41 heavy wire construction stapler has received 58 customer reviews, with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. The majority of customers have rated the power tool a rating of 5, indicating general satisfaction.

Construction workers and remodelers looking for a speedy and powerful heavy wire stapler will find the Senco SNS41 fits the bill. The tool is suitable for a variety of construction projects including sheathing, fencing, decking, lathing and other applications where 16 gauge 1 to 2 inch staples are required.

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