Should You Use Instagram For Business Marketing?

Digital marketing is quite the rage these days, and social media marketing constitutes a significant part of it. From startups to large organizations, digital marketing is being utilized and embedded into the mainstream marketing strategies everywhere. Marketers find it inexpensive, convenient and effective to market their businesses using social media. As per studies conducted by Go-Gulf, 84% of online shoppers use social networking sites and the effectiveness and influence of Instagram for business marketing are evident in the graphic below.While there are tons of social networks that are being utilized for marketing, Instagram has recently emerged as a profitable and effective prospect for social media marketing.Instagram For Business MarketingInstagram is one of the largest and most popular social networks. Traditionally, Instagram used for socializing purposes solely. Instagram is now being widely utilized and optimized for marketing purposes. Subsequently, Instagram is now an important element of mainstream digital marketing strategies but the question is, Should you use Instagram for your business marketing?Well, the facts and figures clearly indicate that you should use Instagram for your business marketing and it is not just another social network on your digital marketing list.Below are some arguments in favor of Using Instagram to aid your business’s digital marketing strategy.GROWTHInstagram has experienced an exceptional and overwhelming rate of growth. It gained 300 million active monthly users in a couple of years as the number of active monthly ‘Instagramers’ increased from 300m in 2015 to 600m in 2017. The number of daily active Instagram users also quadrupled from 75m in 2015 to 300m in 2017.These promising figures clearly indicate that the growth experienced by Instagram has been remarkable hence it can be a fantastic platform to locate and approach a greater number of people.ENGAGEMENTEngagement is the key to successful marketing and the relation between the rate of engagement and successful marketing isn’t rocket science either.Forrester Research inc. claims that Instagram offers the highest rate of engagement. As per their claims, the rate of user interactions with brands’ as a % of brands’ followers offered by Instagram is 58 times greater than that offered by Facebook and about 128 times higher than that offered by Twitter.  Moreover, Instagram reports over 4.2 billion likes and 95 million uploads per day. These figures highlight the high level of engagement offered on Instagram.A higher rate of engagement on Instagram enables you to increase the brand awareness around your brand, communicate your message in an effective manner and nourish relations with customers, stimulating brand loyalty.Accommodating AlgorithmsDue to the noisy experience on Facebook, its algorithms often hide some content, to adjust posts in your Facebook feed. Due to this, there is a fair chance that consumers might miss your posts. Your posts won’t appear in their feed. The experience at Instagram is different due to its algorithms. The algorithms at Instagram ensure that your customers never miss your post in their Instagram feed. This would keep the value and influence of organic searches alive, making Instagram the ideal platform for marketing of your business.User Generated ContentInstagram is perhaps the best platform to utilize user generated content for the promotion of your brand. User generated content or UGC refers to promotional content created and submitted by your fans, as part of a campaign or contest.Instagram is a great platform to trigger and encourage people to produce and submit UGC. You can feature a few submissions on the page of your business, crediting the original creator of the content.User generated content is extremely useful for the marketing of your business as it boosts brand awareness and engagement around your brand.Instagram’s accommodationInstagram is keen to accommodate marketers and businesses. Subsequently, Instagram launched their suite of tools labeled as ‘Instagram Business Tools’, back in 2016. This set of tools is extremely accommodating for markets, making the experience convenient for them and their customers.The features offered by Instagram Business Tools are divided into three domains:Instagram Business ProfilesInstagram InsightsPromotionInstagram Business Profiles are specially-designed profiles for individuals willing to be recognized as businesses on Instagram. These profiles extend convenience to your customers by enabling a contact button in your profile. The dedicated contact option lets your existing and potential customers contact you with a single tap.Instagram insights provide actionable information about your posts and followers, including impressions, reach, engagement and other details about your customers such as their location, age, and gender. Insights can be utilized to analyze the performance of your business and provide relevant and timely content to your customers.Instagram also lets you convert your well-performing videos into adverts by adding a Call-to-action. You can specify the length and the target audience of the advert.PromotionWhile we’re on it, let’s not ignore the prospects of promotion offered in Instagram.Initially, you can optimize hashtags to promote and popularize your brand. As Instagram has revolutionized the functionality of hashtags, you can utilize these in your posts, bio and comments to increase the discoverability of your brand. Instagram is also a great platform to collaborate with influencers. If you can locate the right influencers for your brand, you can actually boost the number of followers and approach larger and more diverse audiences.Moreover, Instagram also enables you to promote your brand via sponsorships. You can approach and pay individuals such as influential celebrities for the promotion of your brand. Their role would be quite similar to that of a brand ambassador. They’d promote your business in their posts, stories, and live streams.OPTIMIZED MARKETINGInstagram provides many opportunities to optimize and aid your social media marketing. There are tons of third-party Instagram tools that can be utilized to organize, manage and aid your Instagram marketing strategy. You can use tools to schedule posts, conduct contests, measure ROI and convert Instagram galleries into shoppable feeds.Moreover, you may also employ third-party Instagram marketing tools such as Vibbi to purchase followers, likes and views for your business’s Instagram page.VerdictKeeping the above discussion under consideration, it can be concluded that using Instagram for the marketing of your business is a great idea. The prospects and opportunities offered on Instagram are way better than those offered by other social networking platforms.

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