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SilaLive Silica with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a health supplement combining organic silica and pure food grade diatomaceous earth designed specifically to heal the human body by safely flushing and eliminating harmful toxins and excess waste.

Traditionally, this ancient treasure known as diatomaceous earth (a collection of diatoms which are single-celled fossilized-frustule algae shells made of 85%+ silica) was always associated with being a multi-purpose versatile substance for bed bugs, gardens and plants health, animal feed or pool cleaners and others but now, many are questioning what it can positively do for human health.

For most, even if they have used or are familiar with the micro-fine diatomaceous earth food grade powder, not many have ever considered ingesting it for potential positive effects. It is said the best fresh-water food-grade diatomaceous earth powder can be a cleansing catalyst and determined detoxifying agent that helps the body remove and get rid of toxic metabolic waste and damaging cellular-activity debris.

Diatomaceous earth, commonly referred to as DE, is ancient sedimentary fossil remains of algae. This type of algae is microscopic and commonly referred to as a diatom. There are two symmetrical shells that give the powdery material an abrasive quality. This substance occurs naturally and is so soft that it crumbles into a powder.

There are several properties that make DE ideal as a means for filtering. The particles are extremely small and can be measured in the micrometer range. A micrometer is one millionth of a meter, and one meter is just over three feet in the decimal system.

The chemical composition of DE is fairly simple and straightforward with about 85% being silica, on average. The more you read about DE, the more you’ll realize that it is the silica that is responsible for many useful health applications. However, diatomaceous earth has a wide range of uses in several other industries outside the health industry.


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