Smart Phone Sticky Pad Review

Smart Phone Sticky Pad For Multiple Angle Viewing Review

Smart Phone Sticky Pad for Multiple Angle ViewingLet me tell you this little gadget is awesome. As an aside, this item really doesn’t have a name brand attached to it so I am just calling it what it was called on Amazon. Anyway, on to the review.This little guy will eliminate screen glare and you can use your phone’s GPS and not have to worry about it slipping and sliding which is why I purchased this in the first place. We have a Garmin GPS and I have discovered that the google maps in my phone is more up-to-date than the maps in the actual GPS, basically my phone has real time updates where my Garmin does not. I could not find a cell phone cradle I was happy with and it seemed I always had an issue with sunlight glare and I didn’t like the little suction thing that came with the GPS anyway. In one of the upper pictures I have the sticky pad bent to illustrate that that is how you put your phone in the cradle, you bend it back, place the phone all the way down into the groove and then straighten it back up and then you put phone and cradle on the dashboard. You want to make sure you have the cradle sitting on the arch of your dashboard, as you can see in the pictures, otherwise it may not sit correctly. It also will fit a phone with a case on it, I have a thin case on mine but my husband has an Otter Box type case on his and it held it as well. Unfortunately, according to the manufacturer, it will not work with an I-phone 6 Plus but they do make one that will work with the larger phones but it does cost just a few dollars more.This sticky pad is made out of a thick silicone gel and that is what allows it to hold the phone in place and cling to your dashboard. However, do not use this right after an application of Armour All because that will effect the performance of the pad. I would wait a least a couple of days before using this if you have used any type of car interior cleaner. If it begins to lose some of the tackiness all you have to do is wash the dust and dirt off of it using only warm soapy water, that will reactivate the adhesion. The dustier it gets the less tackiness it will have. It will also hold other small items, I use mine to hold my sunglasses or glasses case where they are within easy reach, I also like to use it when I use my phone’s bluetooth to listen to my music that way it doesn’t go sliding around and fall in the floorboard to where I can’t reach it.One thing that you need to keep in mind is that this is made out of a silicone gel so that means it can melt if it is left in a too hot car window in direct sunlight for a long time. So, if you are going to be parked in direct sunlight for an extended period of time I would definitely move it and either put it in my console or my glove box and get it back out when I wanted to use it again. I don’t really think it is the heat itself that causes it to melt but rather the intense direct sunlight.Plus the price was just too good to not get and try it out. I found it on Amazon for $7.99. In auto part stores and big box stores it lists for $14.99 and with an Amazon purchase there is usually no tax unless unless you buy something in your home state. For the functionality and the price I would definitely recommend this little guy if you are looking for something like this to use in your car.So there you have it my review of the Smart Phone Sticky Pad For Multiple Angle Viewing. I hope that my review has somehow added something to your day or informed you of something that maybe you didn’t even know you were curious about.Until next time, TTFN my lovelies.It’s only fair to share 🙂

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