Studio Surface Owners will get Dedicated Support Service line

People who own computers and devices are always in search for help or fixes on internet when they face any problem, in these years many Companies have made their Support and help center more active and responding observing their consumers condition and state when they need their device fixed in time.

So if you have plans for saving money for new computer costing more than 3000 USD then you are lucky Microsoft is showing its interest to provide its consumers with new support helpline. You will receive a very good consumer service in case something goes wrong.

What is a big deal to know that you are getting a new consumer support platform? Microsoft had shared their information about Current Orders that those who had ordered or are ordering for Surface studio all of their pre orders are taken, those who had ordered had received phone number by Emails.

This phone number will be available to consumers is actually a hotline dedicated to consumers where they can get their problems and issues corrected, leave comments and ask questions they have for their System. This service is a great deal for people who have some urgent and important work to do and if they are stuck in situation they can call and get help anytime and go back on track.

Well if someone need to buy their Surface studio then your Pre orders will be taken and your order will be shipped to you next year that’s a time taking process but Support service if is a big deal for you then its worth waiting for.

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