Surebonder 9615A, Upholstery Stapler Review

Customer reviews: (3.7 / 5)

If you want to make your upholstery jobs easy and hassle-free then you need to invest in the right kind of product. Surebonder 9615A is just the solution for those who are looking for an upholstery stapler that is economical yet powerful. This stapler allows one to get a vast range of jobs done professionally and in very little time!

One of the most attractive features of the Surebonder 9615A stapler would be its price. Ranging from USD 32 to USD 39, depending upon the seller you choose, this product is quite a steal! Most of the online sellers offer free delivery, which makes it even more convenient for the customers. The product also comes with a storage/carry case, which is definitely a big plus point.

With a safety mechanism which prevents the user from firing accidentally, this upholstery stapler is one of the most user friendly models around. It can operate between 60 to 100 PSI pressure and is very easy to load too, thanks to its quick release magazine. The Surebonder 9615A is perfect for all DIY hobbyists and professionals. It is also ideal for applications such as insulation, house wrap, roofing felt and automotive vinyl.OPERATING PRESSURE RANGING FROM 60 TO 100 PSI

Don’t be fooled by the size of this air powered stapler gun because it is capable of offering serious power-packed performances terms of driving pressure; in fact, it even outstrips electric staplers! The Surebonder 9615A is capable of stapling through multiple layers of thick upholstery fabric, which makes the task of making furniture a breeze. The staplers go in perfectly and are barely visible, which gives a neat and polished look to the finished product. So if you care about the finish quality of the results then this one wouldn’t leave you disappointed.LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE

For professionals who work with stapler guns for extended periods of time, it is necessary for the gun to be lightweight. This way, one would not experience fatigue when using it for hours on end. In order to get the Surebonder 9615A ready for operation, one simply needs to connect it to a compressor and it would get into work within a few minutes’ time. The stapler gun is very user-friendly and easy to operate, therefore there is no need of going through any lengthy user’s guide in order to make use of this tool.SPECIFICATIONS AND FEATURES OF THE SUREBONDER 9615A

” Presence of safety measures to prevent accidental firing” Quick release magazine to facilitate easy loading of staple pins” Can operate between 60-100 PSI” Features 3/8” narrow crown and supports 22 gauge staples of length in between 5/8” and 5/16”” Product dimensions is just 3x11x9 inches” Weighs just 3 pounds” Comes with two Allen wrenchesPROS

” Capable of shooting thin staples” Great performance” Perfect size for easy operations” Lightweight and easy to operate or carry around” Comes with a high impact storage/carry case, which makes it easy to store it safely” Can be used for upholstering hard wood chairs without misfiring” Operates smoothly and quickly” Finished results are impeccable CONS

” It is most compatible with Surebonder Staples only, with other staples there are chances of jamming” It can be quite difficult to clear jammed staples from this gun” Can leak air around the trigger at timesCUSTOMER REVIEWS AND RATINGS ON AMAZON

Just like any other product, the Surebonder 9615A comes with its pros and cons but the pros definitely overshadows the cons. With more than 124 customer reviews on Amazon, this product has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is quite impressive. Thus, the product received a majority of votes or ratings between and 5 stars.

All in all the Surebonder 9615A is definitely a tool worth investing in if you need an upholstery stapler but does not want to spend too much money. This model is comparable to high end upholstery staplers as far as the quality of the end results is concerned. With such a good reputation and considering the fact that it is manufactured by Surebonder, one of the most respectable names in the field of power tools, one can rest assured that buying this product would be a good purchase decision.

Thus, whether you are reupholstering furniture or fixing upholstery, you will find that this upholstery stapler provides you with the best bang for your buck. Since this one is designed specifically for upholstery therefore it functions immaculately, leaving no room for complaints.

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