Table Quiz Questions ” Sports Quiz 4

Who did Alex Ferguson succeed as manager of Manchester united?

Ron Atkinson
What is the final event in a decathlon?

1500 metres
Peter Simple, Jack Horner and Ben Nevis have all won which famous sporting event?

The Grand National
In April 2003, who became the oldest man to be rated number one in the World Tennis Association rankings at the age of 33?

Andre Agassi
What sport was the subject of the film ‘National Velvet’?

Horse Racing
Which sport was author Bill Bryson talking about when said ‘It is the only sport in which spectators burn as many calories as players — more if they are moderately restless’?

What is the name given to a shot in snooker where the cue ball hits a red ball which hits another red ball to make it go into a pocket?

How many players are there in a Rugby League team?

What 7 events make up the heptathlon?

100m Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, 200m, Shot Put, Javelin, 800m
In what decade did the first Rugby World Cup take place?

1980s (1987)
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