Target users of Windows 8

Target users of Windows 8 appropriateforthe launch ofthe official websitemicrosoftWindows8Windows8thatactuallyis intended forcomputer userswho haveberpengalaman.karenabasicallythe operating systemis still inthe previewstage,meaningthat the operating systemisnot perfect.there may be manyflaws inMicrosoft’s new operating systemmade​​it.Thisis an excerptfrom theofficialmicrosoft.”We strongly recommendthat onlyexperiencedPC usersto downloadWindows 8PreviewRelease.beforeyou downloada preview,youhave toweigh the prosandcons ofinstalling the softwareis stillin development.If you install thereleasepreview,you’ll get to trya lot ofnew features,but you can alsofindmistakesthatyou would not findusing thereleased version of Windows.”Here is a thingthat should beconsidered inmeginstalsoftwareoperating systemWindows 8ReleasePreview:if you are usingthe latesthardwareor aPCand want toenjoy thelatest operatingsystemtrialpreparenew computersincludingformatting the hard driveandinstallthe operating systemfrom scratch.youcansolvecomputer problemsafterinstallingWindows 8previewreleaseyoudo not mindupdatingsoftware, such asdrivers,andother supportingsoftware.Youhaveinstallation orrecoverymediaand knowledge torestoreyour previousoperating systemafter you havefinishedtesting theWindows 8PreviewRelease.Thussomeofthesuggestionsbeforeyouinstallmicrosoftwindows 8previewrelease

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