Temple Run Cheat Codes, Tips & Tricks, to Play Game In Better Way

Nowadays, mobile gaming market gets its explosion with various genus and titles, owner of the mobile device have an extensive range games to choose from. Everywhere you look, folks on bus/train utilizing their spare time with some type of mobile game. One genre of mobile games that you’ll catch people playing a lot and exploded around 3 years back is the Temple run. Belonging to the infinite runner sort of games Temple immediately became one of the most famous mobile games on Google play store. For those that didn’t know about temple run, it is about to keep running as long as you can while gathering coins and energy ups along the way and you have to dodge different hurdles.

Like most games, everyone likes to win and reach high scores. But, Temple run is not an easy game to gentle play. Gratefully we have some temple run 2 hints and cheat codes, too fast up your Temple run game.Free-Run

In free-run cheaters allowed the user to endless run in a straight line with no obstacles, though you are still being followed by the donkeys. To implement free run cheats in temple run, you need to go to options on your main menu and turn on tutorial mode. Next start up a run and when you are turning slide your finger 3 times in the correct direction so you can run forever in a straight direction.Cheats Code

Here are some cheats codes through which you would be able to become more powerful to overcome the hurdles and able to unlock characters. Enters the following codes at the ‘title’ screen to facilitate the corresponding effect.

Enter ‘samhines86’Unlock CharactersEnter ‘rxh7nigh’Figure Out Your Run

The hurdles and path are made randomly throughout your run, so you need to plan in advance the purpose of this run. Will it be to get your highest score or will it be to gather many coins to upgrade your perks? If you are trying to get both you will be dragging yourself in danger as this will definitely lead to a slow demise. When you want to beat your high score, you don’t want to lay yourself in the dangerous state just to collect some coins. Although it’s a time-consuming method it will exploit your efficiency when playing Temple run.Download and Install Temple Run

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