The beauty of Andorra

Andorra is the perfect place for an activity-filled life in mountains blessed with cool breezes and year-round sunshine. You can explore the beautiful surroundings on foot, cycle into Spain and France or try white water rafting. Andorra is a great place for hiking including the walks around the Coma Pedrosa (2,942 m) and the Pic de Médécourbe (2,914 m) for those with strong legs.

“When it comes to flora and fauna, the valleys in the Coma Pedrosa park are considered to be in the most natural part of Andorra. The park boasts exceptional nature. One can make many treks in the valleys and one also finds the only kept mountain hut in Andorra (2h20 from Arinsal, climb: 692 m). The two other huts are not kept but are open all the year and are free. The objective of the park which is entirely in the parish of la Massana, is to preserve the ecological wealth of the flora and typical fauna all whilst upkeeping the traditional activities of the area. The park is located in the Western part of the Principality and surrounds the peak of Coma Pedrosa, the highest mountain of the country (2? 942m, 4h30 from Arinsal, climb: 1?370m!). The principal interest of the park is the diversity of the mountain ecosystems. One can find a great quantity of animals and endemic flowers of the area. In spite of his reduced size, one can find 77% of the species of Andorran fauna and 48% of the flora even though the park only covers 4% of the country. Human acitivity, such as farming, hunting, fishing, the gathering of mushrooms or plants in the park is strictly controlled.”

In 2004 Unesco formally listed the Madriu Perafita Claror Valley as a world herritage site. Two more Andorran natural parks are on the ‘tentative’ list for consideration of inclusion as world herritage sites. Andorra is a world-renowned site of exceptional natural beauty.

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