The mind of the hater

In psychology a coward isn’t the person who runs away from a fight but he is the one who runs away from his own life goals. By saying the words ‘running away’ i am not referring to the process of consciously putting a goal aside but i am referring to the one of unconsciously trying to evade responsibility.How haters behaveAny person who is doing anything useful in the world will have some haters. Haters are divided into 2 categories, the first category are the good haters who hate you without trying to harm you or do anything bad to you. Those are the ones who have some self control.The second group of haters are the sick ones who will take actions in order to make the person they hate feel bad. Those actions don’t have to be big at all because each hater does the things that he is capable.Negative comments, demotivating statements, negative reviews, bad mouthing are in many cases the product of hatred. The hater feels so bad when he sees the person he hates doing well and so he does his best to slow his progressdown.Now suddenly and out of the blue that person comes across you. Now the first thing that this person might do is comparing himself to you. If that person found that you have something that he doesn’t have and that he wants to posses then he might become jealous of you.Jealousy is a very normal human emotion and it’s presence doesn’t always mean that there is something wrong with the person. The problem here is how that person deals with this jealousy.The normal person would strive to achieve more in order to overcome his own jealousy. After all, jealousy can be a motivational force having the purpose of letting a person strive to do better in life.Now what if that person who got jealous is already a coward who can hardly face life problems?In such a case that person runs out of options. When he sees you he feels bad , as a result of both frustration and jealousy, and yet he finds nothing to do to release those feelingsThis is why hatred happens. When a person fails to release those emotions in a correct way , usually because of lack of courage, he will become a hater.Why are some people full of hatredThe more people a person hates the more helpless in life he usually is. People who are full of hate towards others are usually extremely helpless that the sight of so many people make them feel bad and remind them of their own existing weaknesses.Some haters develop a new purpose of life which is making other people suffer in order for them not to suffer alone. While that might seem like an action plan still it’s a one that reflects lack of courage.After all the fact that a person walks in a certain path doesn’t always mean that the person is brave because sometimes a person might take a path in order to avoid another one that he is scared of.That person decided to take that path because he believes that he is unable to walk in the right path or to achieve what he wants in life.This is all about hatred in simple words.

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