Things I like in good fiction

I love books, I sit for hours upon hours pouring myself into reading. I love exploring other worlds, meeting Vikings, Scottish lords, paranormal kings and mischievous billionaires. In this post I compiled key things that I think make strong fiction, the kind that keeps readers hooked.As a reviewer, nothing is more discouraging than to read a book with great potential and to be let down with overuse of cliché’s, crutch descriptive words and the list goes on.I like books with:

  Clear Plot- A over-complicated plot can distract the reader from the story. Every time your reader investigates something they don’t understand, it breaks their focus.When I’m reading, I like to teleport into your world not put a puzzle together.  Appropriate scenes- When introducing characters or plot twisters use the appropriate scene. New characters or new circumstances shouldn’t fall out of thin air.It is very disappointing finding out key information in a scene that doesn’t serve a purpose or carry the story along. Credibility is easy to lose and very hard to get back.Less is more- I’ve read books that authors described everything in the room, every touch or taste breaking dialogue for sometimes two pages. It’s hard prioritizing what you think your reader needs to know versus what they shouldn’t read. Some things are better explained through action. Writing stories and novels are brave and not easy. I have great respect for all writers. I hope this post gives all writers a step into the mind of their audience.

Aly Chiman

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